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socialism in a sentence

61. That is what socialism does for man!

62. Hence, also, scientific socialism.

63. But I also don’t want socialism.

64. Conservative or Bourgeois Socialism;

65. That's why I believe in socialism."

66. Socialism wants everyone to be equal.

67. English Socialism is not Marxian;

68. These include a satire of socialism;

69. This reflected the party's socialism.

70. That's why I believe in socialism."

71. They are antithetical to socialism.

72. Movement for Socialism may refer to:

73. Pluto Plays; Arguments for Socialism;

74. If the Socialism is Authoritarian;

75. It was quite remote from socialism.

76. Kambona was opposed to socialism.

77. In Germany, he encountered socialism.

78. There are many ways to socialism;

79. Socialism and the labour movement.

80. He endorses democracy and socialism.

81. Tsarist Russia had War Socialism.

82. Both shared an interest in socialism.

83. Nationalist socialism may refer to:

84. Socialism and communism will triumph!

85. Socialism means eliminating poverty.

86. 72. The Moral Aspects of Socialism.

87. 146. Socialism and Superior Brains.

88. 177. Socialism and the Arts of Use.

89. She was a proponent of socialism.

90. The Chinese Worker after Socialism.