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No. sentence
1 Among his mature works, the best known are the forbiddingly titled Our Socialism Centred on the Masses Shall Not Perish and on the Art of the Cinema.
2 To save capitalism in the years to come Mr Brooks wants to persuade Americans all over again that a free-enterprise system is not only more efficient than socialism but morally superior as well.
3 of ideal morality and personality by modern undergraduates has a direct effect on the construction of the modernizations of socialism.
4 national spirit is a spiritual power of a nation's existence and development, and the root and foundation for realizing Chinese modernizations of socialism.
5 recognized that socialism cannot thrive in poverty-stricken conditions, he would have understood perfectly how the Russian revolution came to be lost.
6 While he doesn't dispute Heidegger's place in the intellectual pantheon, Mr. Faye reviews his unpublished lectures and concludes his philosophy was based on the same ideas as National Socialism.
7 largescale development of west China is determined by common prosperity of socialism, which is indispensable part of the great cause of building socialist modernization.
8 It should be borne in mind that in the initial stages of revolution, contradictions between proletarian socialism and peasant individualism often take on an extremely acute character.
9 I've been preaching liberty as against coercion; I've been preaching capitalism as against socialism; and I've been preaching this doctrine in every form and with any excuse.
10 Scarcely anybody doubts that we must continue to move towards socialism, and most people are merely trying to deflect this movement in the interest of a particular class or group.
11 Just cut discretionary spending, redirect the odd earmark or zero fund that nest of socialism, public broadcasting - and, hey presto, the budget is balanced.
12 an invasion by Warsaw Pact troops ended the efforts of the country"s leaders to liberalise party rule and create "socialism with a human face" during the Prague Spring.
13 most of these campaigns the dissenters have argued that the American scientific establishment is tainted with an anti-corporate liberalism and is trying to impose socialism by the back door.
14 Here in the States, the expedition seems to have gone down quite well among all but the 27% or so of people who fret that he's taking the US down the path to socialism.
15 While campaigns trade shouts of witchcraft, socialism, greed, radicalism (on both sides), warriors and their families have a right to ask, “What about us?
16 This German Socialism, which took its schoolboy task so seriously and solemnly, and extolled its poor stock-in-trade in such mountebank fashion, meanwhile gradually lost its pedantic innocence.
17 As long as we have the right attitude and make long-lasting remorseless effort, the universal socialist and socialism globalization shall be realized inevitably.
18 Marx and Engels (unlike the utopian dreamers) wrote very little on what socialism would precisely look like, because it's not for two people sitting in a room to decide.
19 In this she succeeded brilliantly (even if the notion that socialism failed because it has never been properly tried is still alive and well among the intelligentsia).
20 The biggest disappointment is the continuing power and wealth of the old system's elite, who have proved much better at running the capitalism they decried than the socialism they preached.
21 Marx and Engels were the first to bring socialism down from the clouds and put it on a real-world, scientific basis. Their starting point was not ideals, but reality.
22 Marx and Engels have forged in the struggle sincere and selfless friendship, so that they sincerely cooperate closely and co-authored a number of classics of scientific socialism.
23 Funky, colorful T-shirts celebrate heroic women and the march towards socialism, handbags show soldiers stealing kisses and track suits put a rock-and-roll spin on the model worker ideal.
24 faith of traditional virtue and socialism moral in the present age of China is hitting point and tinting strength point, the moral practice is an important pathway of cultivating national spirit.
25 Currently holding the thought of "Two Thoroughly Ruptures" will benefit for us to right know the strategy position of socialism spiritual civilization developments.
26 quality of leaders and carders plays a critical role in the ongoing modernization of our country and it will determine the ultimate fate of socialism in China.
27 Scientific developing viewpoint is the deepening understanding to general rule of the economic society development. It is the directive for impel the socialism economic development.
28 brilliant achievements made by the Chinese party and government will encourage the Lao party and government to move forward on the road of building socialism.
29 With the establishment of socialism market economic system, the managements of cost of projects have strong policy, technicality and economics and practice, which deals with technique and economics.
30 Private property is the nucleus of capitalism, of course, so the plan to legitimize it here in a country of slogans like "socialism or death" strikes many Cubans as jaw-dropping.