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social progress in a sentence

31. Today, the left is generally progressivist, seeking social progress in society.

32. Hegel thus explained social progress as the result of the labour of reason in history.

33. It can be called social progress and included in the cultivation of a culture.

34. In Dewey's words, "education is the fundamental method of social progress and reform."

35. Radicals seized on Darwinian evolution to validate the idea of social progress.

36. During his presidency, the country underwent rapid economic and social progress.

37. He introduced a critical link between social progress and technological progress.

38. The "frontier" metaphor thus maintained its rhetorical ties to American social progress.

39. The definition of social progress was tied to adherence to Western socio-cultural norms.

40. Henceforth he could devote himself entirely to economic development and social progress.

41. He reflected the Brahmins' strong belief in self-help, uplift, and social progress.

42. To Durkheim, the most important factor in social progress is the division of labour.

43. Thus Morgan introduced a link between the social progress and technological progress.

44. To Durkheim, the most important factor in the social progress is the division of labor.

45. Such a theory does not necessarily imply that there cannot be any social progress.

46. For Hermarchus, this was an example of social progress and an increase in rationality.

47. Skilled trades were a major avenue of social progress for the colored population.

48. In light of these events, technological and social progress has largely come to a halt.

49. In the state, despite the social progress, gender still influences social mobility.

50. He collaborated in the founding of the Association for Studies for Social Progress.

51. As such their task was to oversee public morals and social progress in general.

52. She speaks of Joel as a principled defender of civil rights and social progress.

53. The UN Charter promotes, inter alia, the goal of economic and social progress.

54. Other projects include a Social Progress Index for the Municipality of Guatemala City.

55. One of his interests apart from free trade was education and social progress.

56. The most recent version of the Social Progress Index is the 2019 Social Progress Index.

57. Economist Michael Green is Executive Director of the Social Progress Imperative.

58. The first lecture examines the relationship of education and social progress.

59. As a result, he was expelled from the Union for Democracy and Social Progress.

60. I'd like to focus my mind on the counteraction of tourism on social progress.