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social progress in a sentence

1. Norway ranks highest in the world on the Social Progress Index.

2. social progress was deadlocked.

3. Neorealism was a sign of cultural change and social progress in Italy.

4. yet the social progress was incidental.

5. It was, she says "a vision of global social progress."

6. Under Soviet rule, Tajikistan experienced some economic and social progress.

7. Thus Morgan drew a link between social progress and technological progress.

8. Romantics became preoccupied with social progress and reform.

9. His view of human nature and social progress is kindred to Swift's pessimism.

10. Magic has partly displaced technology as a means of social progress.

11. In 1991 it was renamed in Party of Social Progress.

12. Heinemann was awarded the 1992 Worldaware Award for Social Progress.

13. Her master's thesis focused on philosophical materialism and social progress.

14. Only in this way is social progress possible."

15. 2013 – The Social Progress Index SPI was launched by Michael Porter.

16. Dolci became convinced that education was the key to social progress.

17. Union for Democracy and Social Progress can refer to:

18. The Courier also worked as a tool for social progress.

19. The Social Progress Index is published by Social Progress Imperative.

20. Social progress would be natural and inevitable;

21. The paper favored social progress and tariff reform.

22. Rossolimo is the chairman of the Center for Security and Social Progress Inc.

23. Under Vann, the Courier also worked as a tool for social progress.

24. Thanks to the prosperity of commodity economy and social progress.

25. The EU Social Progress Index was published in October, 2016.

26. It was a means to assess social progress.

27. He chaired the Wellesley Summer Institute Social Progress from 1946 to 1953.

28. The foundation focuses on supporting education and social progress.

29. It is also aimed at economic growth and social progress.

30. Lack of science and education retards social progress.