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1 Yet while liberals have cheered the result as a mark of social progress, it does not necessarily augur plain sailing for the al-Sabah family that has ruled Kuwait since the 18th century.
2 In China ruled by several thousands years 'conditional thought and culture, the appearance of civilian councilors itself is a kind of social progress.
3 If we fail to do this, growth and social progress will continue to be the bonded servants of finance capital.
4 Mr. JIN YUZHANG (Guangxu Relative): (Though Translator) In the end, he sacrificed his life for the sake of national unity and social progress.
5 He had won the Medal of Honor in Vietnam and, like me, was a fiscal conservative and social progressive who had been elected in a state far more Republican than Arkansas.
6 We are fully capable of maintaining stability and order in Tibet. And at the same time, we will continue to support Tibet in making economic development and social progress.
7 As buildings propped by a powerful economy, Skyscrapers are usually regarded by publics and politicians as a symbol of social progress.
8 skyscraper, a kind of building underpinned by mighty economy, is often labeled by the public and politicians as a token of economic prosperity and social progress.
9 Economic development, social progress and man's allround development are in essence a unity, while man's emancipation is of ultimate, fundamental significance.
10 In terms of economic development or social progress, and people changed greatly heartened.
11 Skyscrapers, which are propped by a powerful economy, are usually regarded by the public and politicians as a symbol of economic prosperity and social progress.
12 Along with economic development and social progress, people strengthen unceasingly to the health consciousness.
13 newfound economic stability and social progress also owes much to the fact that over the past 30 years democracy has become established almost everywhere.
14 Today under new situations, the Argentine people are committed to rejuvenating economy and promoting social progress, playing a major role in both regional and international affairs.
15 A kind of architecture supported by tremendous economic power, skyscrapers are often looked on as a sign of economic prosperity and social progress by the public and politicians.
16 The paper discussed the active role of Platos theory of idea in the history of human civilization and held that it is still of extremely important meaning of reference for Chinas social progress now.
17 Lack of science and education retards social progress.
18 Since the human society changed its savage barbarous situation into civilization era, science and technology become an indispensable important power that promotes social progress again and again.
19 AFTER two decades of strong economic growth, social progress and enviable political stability, Chile has suddenly started behaving in a manner more akin to some of its neighbours.
20 Li Zhaoxing congratulated upon the achievements of the Turkmenistan people in economic development and social progress since their independence.
21 Officials like to point to measures of social progress: high rates of primary-school enrolment for girls, and broadband even in villages.
22 modern society, music plays an active role in social progress and development by its unique esthetic, educational, entertainment function.
23 Premier Wen: It's true that in recent years China has achieved major economic and social progress, but China adheres to the independent foreign policy of peace.
24 derive rational factors from historical heroism and construct heroism of information age is the demand of inspiring China's national ethos and expediting social progress.
25 In this period of changes, it is an important task for notaries of all countries to learn how to use new technology, respond to new challenges and keep up with social progress.
26 Honesty is an old and eternal topic, the intension of honesty is being expanded constantly with social progress and economic development.
27 MPA education is the development of the times and social progress, the product of China's public administration an inevitable requirement.
28 Top 40 artists especially, from Little Richard and proto-feminist Leslie Gore, to David Bowie, Madonna and Lady Gaga have pushed social progress by bending and breaking gender rules.
29 spirit of making progress is an important part of volunteerism. When volunteers serve others and society, they improve themselves and also facilitate social progress.
30 But sportsmanship development is relatively slow, can not keep up with the needs of China's sports development and social progress, caused some anomie problems when sportsmanship ACTS.