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social ownership in a sentence

1. Social anarchism is a branch of anarchism emphasizing social ownership, mutual aid and workers' self-management.

2. Social ownership can be public, collective, cooperative or of equity.

3. While no single definition encapsulates many types of socialism, social ownership is the one common element.

4. By contrast, socialism is defined as social ownership of the means of production so that the surplus product accrues to society at large.

5. In this model, social ownership is achieved through public ownership of equity in a market economy.

6. According to the concept of social ownership, all material and spiritual resources are accessible to everyone.

7. It does not entail advocacy for social ownership of industry.

8. Public ownership of the means of production is a subset of social ownership, which is the defining characteristic of a socialist economy.

9. State ownership by itself does not imply social ownership where income rights belong to society as a whole.

10. As a form of social ownership, state ownership may be contrasted with cooperatives and common ownership.

11. By contrast, nationalization does not necessarily imply social ownership and the restructuring of the economic system.

12. This model is notable for specifying an array of social ownership rights and an analytic distinction between market forces and market relations.

13. This was the name of the programme under which privately owned hotels, and guest houses were taken into social ownership.

14. and third, to then be able to implement economic democracy and social ownership.

15. He supports social ownership and investment in the UK's public services, including the NHS, as well as the abolition of university tuition fees.

16. Croatian civil law was pushed aside, and it took norms of public law and legal regulation of the social ownership.

17. Under social ownership, the transactions between enterprises would not be market exchanges.

18. Social anarchism emphasizes mutual aid, social ownership and workers' self-management.

19. [...] We are socialists [...] under universal association, ownership of the land and of the instruments of labour is social ownership.

20. The concept of social ownership refers to various forms of ownership for the means of production in socialist economic systems.

21. Social ownership of the means of production is the common defining characteristic of all the various forms of socialism.

22. The two major forms of social ownership are society-wide public ownership and cooperative ownership.

23. Thus the end goal of social ownership is the transcendence of the Marxist concept of alienation.

24. Market socialists and non-market socialists therefore have slightly different conceptions of social ownership.

25. Social ownership and socialization is categorically distinct from the process of nationalization.

26. Fundamentally, there are two major forms of "social ownership".

27. State ownership by itself does not imply social ownership where income rights belong to society as a whole.

28. In this model, "social ownership" refers to citizen ownership of equity in a market economy.

29. An alternative form of social ownership of equity is ownership of corporate stock through wage earner funds and pension funds.

30. Social ownership can be public, collective or cooperative ownership, or citizen ownership of equity.