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No. sentence
1 This can become a driving force for social advance.
2 Only social practice can be the criterion of truth.
3 So any deal reached now would in practice be nothing more than a deal to slash Social Security and Medicare with no lasting improvement in the deficit.
4 Eng says that the savings he has made by ending the “old systems of patronage” allow him to spend money on new social programmes instead, such as modest handouts for the elderly.
5 Whining about the technical "depth" of social sounds like hardware eng complaining about rise of software in 80s.
6 Rumors of a purchase had swirled through Dallas social circles for a year, but until now, Mrs. Bush firmly denied that her husband had purchased any Dallas land for post-presidency residence.
7 growth of social media can be explained by this identification function.
8 Yet while liberals have cheered the result as a mark of social progress, it does not necessarily augur plain sailing for the al-Sabah family that has ruled Kuwait since the 18th century.
9 We therefore welcome the reports of the London Jobs Conference and the Rome Social Summit and the key principles they proposed.
10 The government is putting through some radical social reforms.
11 In the pressured atmosphere of America itself, however, this ideal was to become distorted by a radical form of individualism, which is now undermining social cohesion.
12 If social, technological and external factors can make supposedly discredited predictions come true, what technology might be next in line for a revival?
13 They perturbed good social order with their rumours.
14 Correct ideas are not innate in the mind, but come from social practice.
15 We must seek how to rebuild our social ties.
16 Women were able to rely on other friends, whereas many men depended on their wives for their social networks and so were devastated when they lost these ties.
17 As part of its crackdown, the pa has also dissolved the 92 zakat (charitable) committees that used to provide Hamas with its social and patronage network.
18 We must renovate our social life to keep abreast of The Times.
19 Illness struck him off from social contacts.
20 Her social position jaundiced his view of things.
21 The book traces the history of social development.
22 Men's social existence determines their consciousness.
23 I joined all the social networks but there is nothing there!
24 This should be not only a financial issue, but a social one.
25 That her social status would procure love from these people. And that she would never be alone.
26 other, the social value of an invention is maximised if anyone—not just those willing to pay for it—can use it.
27 We do not expect social media to radically change what we do.
28 Access to your social data while on the go.
29 Yes, it was part of it, but not because I wanted to conform to social views on beauty or any of that rubbish.
30 The prevalence of these widgets means they can report on almost all your browsing activity, which can then be linked to databases full of the social data you intentionally share.