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small frogs in a sentence

1. They are unusually small frogs, only 5 cm (2.0 in) in length.

2. They may occasionally feed on small frogs, berries and other fruits.

3. As suggested by their name, microhylids are mostly small frogs.

4. Duellmanohyla are small or moderately small frogs.

5. Captive birds usually consume insects, worms, and even small frogs.

6. Its meals consist of birds, small frogs, and small mammals.

7. They may also devour small frogs, if available.

8. Preys mainly on small frogs and toads.

9. Montatheris hindii feeds on chameleons, skinks, and small frogs.

10. Squirrel tree frogs are small frogs, about 1.5 inches in length as adults.

11. Species of the genus Allobates are mostly small frogs.

12. These small frogs are also commonly called sedge frogs.

13. and even small frogs of other species.

14. Feed with sinking pellets or small crabs and small frogs.

15. Vertebrate prey such as small frogs or fish may also be taken.

16. They can ingest small frogs and small toads.

17. They are relatively small frogs;

18. Nymphargus armatus are relatively small frogs;

19. Pristimantis rufioculis are relatively small frogs.

20. Engystomops petersi are relatively small frogs.

21. Metaphrynella sundana are small frogs;

22. Raorchestes glandulosus are small frogs.

23. Feeds on all kinds of insects, small frogs, crabs and lizards.

24. It eats insects, spiders, and small frogs.

25. Juveniles feed mostly on lizards, as well as small frogs if available.

26. Captive species prey on small frogs, salamanders and small lizards.

27. Dendrobatinae are generally small frogs;

28. Microhylids are mostly small frogs.

29. Small frogs, fishes and slugs may sometimes be consumed.

30. Engystomops freibergi are relatively small frogs.