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No. sentence
1 Even small lies and twisted truths are still lies.
2 The firm is too small to contend against [with] large international companies.
3 Sort out the large from the small.
4 The room is small but very quiet.
5 Halfway up the hill, he saw an elephant coming down, with a small bundle of leaves on its back and a mahout poking its ear with an iron rod.
6 Her mother began operation of a small grocery.
7 Nearby, an unidentified weed gains a month's stay.It is a small return for its cluster of tiny yellow paintbrush blossoms.
8 In itself, that is but a small advance.
9 That means conforming to office norms about dress and conduct and even small things like how phones are answered or how meetings are run.
10 Before the bubble fully burst, Peck found another job as the marketing manager at a small software-development company called SDSol Technologies.
11 we get a small portion of what we should get; the rest go into their pockets,' he said.
12 The market for launching small satellites is presently only partly served by the Pegasus rocket, which is launched at high altitude by a commercial jet aircraft.
13 likely answer is a little of both, but the question highlights how difficult it can be to have a perspective on what’s big and what’s small.
14 If you get diagnosed with this cancer your chances of surviving are very small.
15 You have to find your own groove, but chances are that you have to tell people what you think if you’ve got a small crowd bothering you all the time.
16 Slightly smaller than the head of a match - the best implants today are only as small as a matchbox - the chip works by blocking pain signals on their way to the brain.
17 Small changes in rainfall can also trigger volcanic eruptions.
18 Peopled by the ageing middle class of pre-liberalisation India—accountants, middlemen and small entrepreneurs—the tower receives a generous offer from a builder, Dharmen Shah.
19 Many employees in the industry hail from small, conservative communities in India's vast hinterlands and feel liberated when they come to big cities such as Bangalore or Mumbai.
20 I think my small studio has not helped in this respect.
21 They controlled the speed by rounding in the small sail.
22 In the United States, as in Britain, you can’t move for books, television programmes and blogs about the great sweetness of small children and how best to make their lives wonderful and rewarding.
23 As I slumped under the weight of my defeat, a small man put his hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eye, and said in that wonderful raspy voice, that's all right.
24 They were squashed into a small room as if in a tin.
25 we would like to know now is whether our small number of candidate transpositions show up in the other readings.
26 In a typical tomb at the site, as in the nearby Valley of the Golden Mummies, a long stairway descends to a corridor, which leads to a room with small mastabas in its corners.
27 Because there's only room in the cockpit for a small parachute, a pilot descends fast and pretty much straight down, with very little ability to steer or soften the landing.
28 They can rotate the questions to cover different areas in more depth while still keeping the list of questions small.
29 sounds like a scenario straight out of cheap science fiction. But even if the odds of calamity are small, why gamble?
30 Some systems, especially those that involve the integration of custom hardware with software, may not be amenable to using Small Releases.