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No. sentence
1 If you have not experienced eating caviar, when you bite down each egg pops and releases a slightly salty-fishy flavour.
2 We had to slightly modify the original design.
3 Slightly smaller than the head of a match - the best implants today are only as small as a matchbox - the chip works by blocking pain signals on their way to the brain.
4 They deflated the tires slightly to allow the truck to drive under the overpass.
5 After casting her ballot, an elderly woman named Joan leans slightly on a cane and explains her vote for Senator Clinton.
6 There are signs that this number is increasing slightly.
7 of a sickle moon shone cold and dim in the pond beyond my door, whilst a row of cherry trees, bare and denuded, trembled slightly in the frozen air.
8 cellular clocks fully reset and reverting to an embryonic state, cells in the salamanders' stumps became slightly less mature versions of the cells they'd been before.
9 price of grain slightly oscillated last year.
10 Group chat is slightly less common a need than IM, and is less useful for informal access in your daily workflows. But for certain use cases, only group chat will do.
11 So, the remainder of this article will use the second option which is slightly more work to setup, but the extra effort is well worth the agility that it provides.
12 Mrs Heathcliff's lip quivered slightly, and she returned to her seat in the window.
13 Make sure the camera lens is at eye level or just slightly higher. Any lower and you'll look like you have a double chin.
14 The humble-looking Naxi bread is a mix of an Italian pizza bianco (with its slightly oily texture) and a pretzel (with its addictive saltiness).
15 These dimers sit at an angle to the surface, with one atom protruding slightly farther than the other.
16 Suddenly, on the opposite side of his tower, another Macgregor's bowerbird appears—colored like Donald, but with a slightly rounder head.
17 the top of your head toward the ceiling, and tuck your chin in slightly.
18 some men opt for slightly larger shirts in the summer so their necks and wrists stay cool.
19 The green is slightly elevated above fairway level and is only 15 yards deep, distance control is a must.
20 In the UAE, rebar prices are trending slightly above Turkish mills' prices nowadays.
21 he speaks, he massages his temples with fingers that quiver slightly with exhaustion.
22 Preferably the former is pivoted between open and closed positions and has a slightly V-shaped base which when abutted against a mould or formwork, urges the recess former into the closed position.
23 The S&P/Case-Shiller index, which tracks home prices in 20 cities, ticked up slightly in May, its first gain in 34 months.
24 be one slightly different tree trunk, a path winding through, or a splash of color on a flowering vine.
25 They ran the algorithm thousands of times, with each run producing a slightly different map.
26 But when soaring losses at state-owned firms forced the government to lay off about one-third of all state employees between 1996 and 2002, the official unemployment rate rose only slightly.
27 Add slightly more or less noise and the characteristics of the switch change, turning it into a different kind of logic gate.
28 Television footage showed him to be thinner. He also limped slightly and his mouth looked twisted in what was believed to be the result of a stroke.
29 After that, bone remodeling continues, but you lose slightly more than you gain.
30 Depending on your version and fix pack, the list you see could differ slightly.