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slanting in a sentence

1. The eyes are oval and slanting with dark irises.

2. the styling was all angles and slanting panels.

3. The long, slanting rays of the sun illuminated my white shirt.

4. The tool is difficult to use on slanting posts.

5. The sun's rays are always slanting and provides less heat.

6. the walls are 11 feet high and covered with a slanting roof.

7. Growth lines are fine, forward slanting, concavo-convex;

8. The flanks are dark brown with paler slanting stripes.

9. And the sun comes slanting between the trees.

10. The uncial letters are small, not beautiful and slanting.

11. The shoulder of the whorls are slanting.

12. These axial ribs are slightly protractively slanting.

13. Slanting parking.

14. Gobelin stitch is a slanting stitch used in needlepoint.

15. It has strong jaws with rows of small, inward slanting teeth.

16. The eyebrows may be up slanting or outward slanting.

17. The other was narrow, slanting and slightly hooded.

18. Slanting angles would deflect enemy fire.

19. They could only be observed by making swift slanting gazes.

20. The posterior sinus is moderate, slanting upwards.

21. Low slanting iron roof was erected.

22. The Lawn is known for its famous slanting outfield.

23. The presiding deity is found in a slanting posture.

24. The slanting rays of the sun aureoled the television tower.

25. slanting to the left.

26. But your slanting eyes betray you.

27. You see the world all wrong, may be you stand slanting.

28. A soft rain began to fall, slanting, soundless.

29. VISAR testing technology with slanting incidence is feasible.

30. The farms of Shensi could have been described as slanting.