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skewed distributions in a sentence

1. Notably, for skewed distributions, such as the distribution of income for which a few people's incomes are substantially greater than most people's, the arithmetic mean may not coincide with one's notion of "middle", and robust statistics, such as the median, may provide better description of central tendency.

2. Socialists also assert that free-market capitalism leads to an excessively skewed distributions of income and economic instabilities which in turn leads to social instability.

3. In order to model the observations regardless of being normal or skewed, Pearson, in a series of articles published from 1893 to 1916, devised the Pearson distribution, a family of continuous probability distributions, which includes the normal distribution and many skewed distributions, and proposed a method of statistical analysis consisting of using the Pearson distribution to model the observation and performing a test of goodness of fit to determine how well the model really fits to the observations.

4. (This implies that it is a continuous probability distribution except at the mode, which may have a non-zero probability.) The theorem applies even to heavily skewed distributions and puts bounds on how much of the data is, or is not, "in the middle."

5. The numerical value of the mode is the same as that of the mean and median in a normal distribution, and it may be very different in highly skewed distributions.

6. For small sample subgroups, the Handbook recommends: For other control charts based on skewed distributions, the Handbook recommends: The handbook also identifies patterns that require consideration of both the upper and lower halves of the control chart together for identification:

7. for them, Edgerton noted sharply skewed distributions that he interpreted as evidence for a lost alternation between syllabic and nonsyllabic consonants (commonly called "semivowels" in the literature).

8. And he was able to present a sizeable body of evidence in the form of these skewed distributions in both the 1934 and 1943 articles.

9. Regarding the skewed distributions in the Rigveda, Edgerton neglected to test his observations against controls, namely forms not susceptible to his theory but sharing other properties with the "test" forms such as part of speech, metrical configuration, and so on. The first scholar to look at controls was Franklin Eugene Horowitz (Horowitz 1974, but whose work actually dates from ten years earlier).

10. 2 . {\displaystyle \delta _{1}+\delta _{2}.} The class of NIG distributions is a flexible system of distributions that includes fat-tailed and skewed distributions, and the normal distribution, N ( μ

11. In particular, firm sizes display stationary skewed distributions, while productivities and profitabilities display stationary wide supports of their fat tailed distributions.

12. Thus, the skew normal is useful for modeling skewed distributions which nevertheless have no more outliers than the normal, while the exponentially modified normal is useful for cases with an increased incidence of outliers in (just) one direction.

13. He found that the approximation to the χ statistic is reasonable if μ > 5. For highly skewed distributions, it may be more appropriate to use a linear loss function, as opposed to a quadratic one.

14. As for now, the country has one of the most skewed distributions of income pr. capita in the world which is the result of years of colonisation and war in the past, which gave an unbalanced development throughout the country.