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skeletal in a sentence

1. The skeletal structure is sturdy.

2. They also have skeletal synapomorphies.

3. No human skeletal remains were found.

4. The lighthouse is a skeletal tower.

5. Skeletal muscles, viewed from the back.

6. Skeletal fluorosis.

7. A doll's skeletal structure is simple.

8. Skeletal remains are relatively meagre.

9. Skeletal formula of sphingomyelin.

10. From Skeletal Circus:

11. It is a skeletal disorder.

12. Skeletal zircon crystal.

13. It is a skeletal muscle.

14. Skeletal restoration of P. magnum

15. an iron skeletal frame;

16. These come from the skeletal muscle.

17. Muslims were a skeletal few.

18. Hence the title, Skeletal Lamping."

19. cardiac/skeletal).

20. Skeletal remains are rarely found;

21. It was skeletal.

22. Animated skeletal model of A-DNA.

23. Skeletal prostitute.

24. Skeletal abnormalities.

25. and very low in skeletal muscle.

26. MilkShape 3D is a skeletal animator.

27. Other skeletal remains are rare.

28. skeletal soils and shallow sands;

29. in skeletal sandy soils.

30. It is a skeletal disorder.