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six branches in a sentence

1. The phylum has six branches: Berber, Chadic, Cushitic, Egyptian, Omotic and Semitic.

2. Taylor for a time presided over six branches in the Toronto area.

3. Of these six branches, FUM has the largest number of individual members.

4. 1933; acq. 1964; six branches), Srinivasa Perumal Bank (est.

5. There are six branches.

6. Phase I-A of the plan, affecting six branches, is scheduled for completion in 2024.

7. Roman London - a New Map and Guide shows six branches.

8. Currently, the Division is organized into six branches: Community Recreation;

9. The bank has six branches in Germany.

10. The six branches of Egypt's Bank Misr became People's Cooperative Bank.

11. Of these, six branches in New York City suburbs, and six in Connecticut;

12. closing six branches and rebranding the remainder under its own brand.

13. Bank Misr's six branches became People's Cooperative Bank.

14. Today, there are six branches.

15. It consists of a main library and six branches, located throughout the city.

16. It had six branches, all in the Reykjavík capital area.

17. The library system has six branches and two bookmobiles.

18. It has 12 regions, with up to six branches within each region -

19. The course spans over four years and is offered in six branches.

20. Tejarat Bank has six branches in other countries.

21. In 1980, it transferred its six branches to the newly created Arab National Bank.

22. The conservatory eventually expanded to six branches throughout Miami.

23. The stems branch from the end of a segment, with up to six branches forming a whorl.

24. United Bank has six branches, the main branch is in Bucyrus.

25. Unity National has six branches, the main branch is in Piqua.

26. By that time, it had six branches.

27. The organization has six branches operating in different parts of Georgia.

28. Integral Yoga synthesizes the following six branches of classical Yoga.

29. It has six branches.

30. Six branches were organized the first year.