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singly in a sentence

1. The other cases occur singly.

2. It was never awarded singly.

3. there singly &

4. a singly azygous postmenta;

5. The others were shot singly.

6. Subadults feed singly;

7. deposited singly or in pairs.

8. Fronds occur singly.

9. Arrows were shot singly.

10. Misfortunes never come singly.

11. It was not awarded singly.

12. It forages singly or in pairs.

13. It grows in groups or singly.

14. Eggs are laid singly.

15. on meadow-flowers, singly.

16. other episodes aired singly.

17. Female flowers form singly.

18. They appear singly or in pairs.

19. Singly slipped reef knot.

20. mostly- singly.

21. Heads are borne singly.

22. Found singly and not common;

23. The flowers are borne singly.

24. It occurs singly or in pairs.

25. guns, all mounted singly.

26. guns, all mounted singly.

27. guns, all mounted singly.

28. guns mounted singly.

29. They exist singly or in pairs.

30. The leaves grow singly.