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simulated in a sentence

1. even an analog sequencer can be simulated.

2. In captivity, such a diet is simulated.

3. Many of them are not simulated.

4. It was a simulated trip into outer space.

5. Simulated sodomy.

6. and made several simulated war patrols.

7. The simulated burl elm trim was retained.

8. Dice rolls are simulated by the game.

9. It can show simulated or real rape.

10. HTTP and FTP is simulated as 4IPP;

11. VoIP is simulated as IDP, 2IDP, 4IDP;

12. Video is simulated as 2IRP.

13. Depth perspective is simulated as well;

14. Games can be simulated.

15. Ships simulated anti-submarine warfare.

16. The Doppler effect is simulated.

17. Air and naval power are not simulated.

18. Each at-bat was simulated the same way.

19. Fatigue is not simulated;

20. Sex acts may be simulated or unsimulated.

21. Hence, they can be simulated by software.

22. Simulated annularity from Victoria Land.

23. MegaJump is a simulated parachute jump.

24. combat-simulated flight operations;

25. There were also simulated executions.

26. This simulated the view from the balloon.

27. a simulated pharmacy;

28. In KOTR, matches are simulated.

29. This simulated ritual cremation.

30. cannot be simulated?