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simply in a sentence

121. We simply mokusatsu suru.

122. Azhar was simply magical.

123. it simply contains items.

124. He simply said, "Agreed."

125. The motion simply failed.

126. simply a gratuitous line.

127. most are simply one-tier.

128. It simply means "sword".

129. Now you can simply write.

130. We simply mokusatsu suru.

131. others simply retreated.

132. or simply the "patilla".

133. others simply retreated.

134. This is simply not true.

135. This is simply not true.

136. They are simply ignored.

137. which is simply the set.

138. This is simply not true.

139. It simply rained shells.

140. they are simply not XML.

141. He simply knew no fear".

142. Some simply disappeared.

143. Schumacher, Simply Jeff.

144. Or simply to switch off.

145. It's simply spectacular.

146. or simply fail outright.

147. He was simply brilliant;

148. She is simply brilliant.

149. This is simply not true;

150. it simply cannot exist."