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No. sentence
1 This was simply used to slowly tear the flesh from its victim, often times all the way down to the bone.
2 However, TQM cannot simply be grafted onto these systems or onto certain other non-TQM management systems.
3 I simply take flower cultivation as a pleasure in my life. I feel delighted as long as my flowers bloom regardless of the size and preciousness of the blossoms.
4 Please say it clearly and simply.
5 other hand, poor people have an excellent motive to cut cable and simply replace it with an antenna or nothing at all, he said.
6 Most of these problems won't simply dissolve.
7 So simply add d:\SP\pubtext\xml.soc to your SGML_CATALOG_FILES so nsgmls can find this catalog.
8 Yet I did not consider volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, or financial bubbles, simply because none of those seemed likely to precipitate catastrophes.
9 The point is simply to do something, anything, with one of your ideas.
10 However, in this section, we simply introduce the ideas behind it.
11 It will use some vector operations, but we will only be concerned with one value within each register — the others we will simply ignore.
12 anchor in the heart of One, then simply feel yourself as if you are drifting down the sacred spiral, staying within, into the Fifth.
13 The coach simply has to know when to push or prod and when to let the team members fly on their own.
14 Every one of us has the magic power of empowering other people simply by generously giving praise and showing encouragement instead of criticism to help them realize their potential.
15 If we simply give in to every whimsical desire we have, virtually no one would spend less than they earn.
16 In some cases, you may not want the client to see the default tag names, either due to message format requirements, or for simply masking the default tag names.
17 There's a lot of evidence that social learning, engaging, and sharing with others is a far more effective way of learning than simply chasing citations or raw knowledge acquisition.
18 This term was explained in depth in the first article of this series; it simply means that you should begin by creating your VXML file normally, as a static document, before you do anything else.
19 nutshell, what I can tell you is that we are not being punished or ignored by God when faced with crisis, tragedy or loss. We are simply spiritual beings having a physical existence.
20 The loop simply iterates through the array and prints each line as it would do on the command line, but enforcing an XHTML break-line element after each print.
21 I'm simply not adding those features to the examples below, because I think there are enough occurrences of them in the examples above.
22 Most simply, this component can be used to extract fields from a document and broadcast them to other components.
23 If it is not supported, then you simply return from the function.
24 Although there may be other factors involved the subject is urged to simply view the situation in terms of clear-cut right and wrong.
25 That goal, as stated, is too subjective, too vague, and is simply not measurable.
26 Ten years on, success will simply be the holding of ground in a grinding counter-insurgency that will increasingly be fought by Afghans and be paid for by Americans.
27 When you simply must have chips, look for brands with vegetables at the top of the ingredients list.
28 The girls simply could not resist the hair.
29 Congress must find the money to fund and pass the House version of the Child Nutrition Act, H.R. 5504. The stripped down Senate version simply will not do.
30 Indeed, some media owners concede that the market has already stripped profit from their news organisations and they are simply looking for a way out.