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simple lives in a sentence

1. However, the ideals that Snowball discussed, including stalls with electric lighting, heating, and running water, are forgotten, with Napoleon advocating that the happiest animals live simple lives.

2. This style of music serves as a reminder to many Mennonites of their simple lives, as well as their history as a persecuted people.

3. Later on the recovering planet Dune, the awakened gholas of Paul and Chani have reverted to the ways of the ancient Fremen, resolving to lead simple lives and restore the planet to its former glory.

4. The Zelanti strictly observed the poverty enjoined by the testament of Saint Francis, and lived isolated and simple lives.

5. This would take more than a few slogans, turning off the lights for one hour, or cutting meat consumption, noting: "We will have to learn to live the simple lives of our ancestors."

6. Without their desire for personal gain their economy collapses and the remaining bees go to live simple lives in a hollow tree, thus implying that without private vices there exists no public benefit.

7. In 1590, three boys, Theodor, Seppi, and Nikolaus, live relatively happy simple lives in a remote Austrian village called Eseldorf (German for "Assville" or "Donkeytown").

8. It was a collection of poems, many with rural themes and treated the simple lives of poor, black, country folk with extra poignancy and dignity.

9. On 15 February 2018, Pope Francis ordered Vatican officials and bishops to lead simple lives and renounce any desire for power after they retired from senior positions.

10. Each person is expected to live simple lives devoted to God, to family, and to the community, based upon God's laws.

11. The Sebei people lead fairly simple lives.

12. Like other members of Misa, Giacomelli photographed the simple lives of the poor of southern Italy, in 1957 and 1959 visiting Scanno, a small town in the Abruzzii region which Henri Cartier-Bresson had visited only five years before to make quite different pictures.

13. "I am moved by the sadness to be found in the simple lives of people...", a quotation included at the beginning of the film, expresses the writer's preoccupations.

14. The Tehrik-e-Jedid and Waqf-e-Jedid or the 'new scheme' and the 'new dedication' respectively, initially seen as a spiritual battle against the oppressors of the Ahmadis, placed before them a number of demands and restriction such as leading simple lives, restrictions against eating, clothing etc.; a temporary ban on all forms of luxury and entertainment.

15. Simple Lives (1990).

16. Simple Lives for orchestra, 1990.

17. The native people of Mandani are peasants and lead simple lives on their farms.

18. The people who live there have very simple lives.

19. They make their houses of the reeds of the water without, electricity or cars and they don’t have an education they have just simple lives.

20. As well as DR Derude, Søren Ryge Petersen has made a series of other programmes for DR, presenting the nature of the world and its people, with particular emphasis on the portrayal of people living simple lives.

21. In 1879 he returned to Christiania before travelling to Skagen where he achieved his artistic breakthrough, attracted by the simple lives of the local fishermen.

22. When De León was reaching her teenage years, two local women, who had the reputation of leading simple lives, came to her foster mother, with a letter supposedly from the girl's maternal aunt, Catalina Delgado, which said that she and her husband wished to care for the girl, and the bearers should accompany her to their farm.

23. They lead simple lives in apparent symbiosis with the Forest, exhibiting some biological powers.

24. we Tibetans living our quiet and simple lives, if you have a conscience, if you want to live a life sharing joy and sorrows, then we ask you to do the following two things: don’t indulge in singing and enjoyment;

25. It depicts how the introduction of commercialization creates conflict in the simple lives of the villagers.

26. Their vision for the new status quo is best described as a return to a pastoralist society, whereby men lead simple lives as utopian farmers, sustaining themselves and their culture through simple, “Earthly” lives.

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