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No. sentence
1 Neck touching and/or stroking is one of the most significant and frequent pacifying behaviors we use in responding to stress.
2 With no goals or dreams, how can we expect to achieve anything significant?
3 A team of robots that could coordinate its actions like a flock of birds could offer significant advantages over a solitary robot.
4 The device does have one significant drawback, however.
5 Until recently, the official treatment policy for malaria was sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine (sp). Chloroquine, however, is still widely used despite significant drug resistance.
6 If you want a future with your significant other, inhabit the present (breathe).
7 These Paleo-Indians, of the Clovis culture, used the significant amounts of obsidian found in the park to make such cutting tools and weapons.
8 But a significant driver of the good news was cost cutting.
9 This means that it should be possible to migrate a significant chunk of the application code without changing a single line.
10 If you manage your project from a good plan — and an integral part of that plan is a good estimate — there is going to be significant cost savings.
11 ONE could hardly think of an unlikelier trophy for a billionaire businessman than Newcastle United Football Club, which has won no significant competition for decades.
12 Participants emphasized the importance of seeing significant economic growth in the region before 2020.
13 If I am wrong, and the relationship is highly statistically significant, then it might encourage Paul to take the bet.
14 As the bulldozers moved in on Star Ferry Pier, students, activists, and politicians staged multiple protests to preserve a historically and culturally significant structure.
15 Only by embracing and using your mistakes in this way can you make significant advances in your business and your career.
16 Whether at work or at Home, the goal is to engage in activities that are both personally significant and enjoyable.
17 Yet Greenpeace says that toxin levels in the sludge are much higher than the government admits, with arsenic at 25 times the permitted amount, and significant levels of mercury and chrome.
18 Suddenly, as if overnight, a significant fraction of the world’s computers were connected, not only by a physical network but also by a common protocol for exchanging information.
19 The modeling of methane hydrate is frankly in its infancy," but it seems "robust to conclude" that mankind could "melt a significant fraction of the methane hydrates in the ocean," they wrote.
20 However, if significant manipulation is required, it is important that the technology understands the model for the document, and in that case, SDO is probably a more appropriate choice.
21 As noted, however, no significant difference in overall survival was seen between the groups, with a median survival period for each of about 26 months.
22 The move stopped the pound's decline but failed to bring about a significant rally.
23 Their youth, inexperience or limited abilities can present you with significant management challenges - as well as a great opportunity to teach them important job and life skills.
24 But we have been reusing the same best practices for so long, and the underlying model has drifted so far, that the difference represents significant potential risk.
25 The only significant difference is the length of each phase.
26 They found a significant decrease in a marker associated with cell damage, which can cause impaired brain, muscle, liver and kidney function as well as ageing effects on the skin.
27 With steel prices still in the doldrums and a significant portion of the country's 610 million tonnes of "rebar" inventories used as collateral, it is now the weakest link in this elaborate scheme.
28 These analysis mechanisms are quite sophisticated, though they have significant performance burdens and are not suited for consistent use in production environments.
29 analysis of variance, the impact of wall thickness to warming performance of cowshed is significant.
30 Among vascular surgery patients, operative time and diabetes were the only significant predictors of surgical site infection, which was not associated with postoperative hyperglycemia.