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shortfall in a sentence

1. Working around the clock, the shortfall was made good.

2. Foreign workers help make up this shortfall.

3. a shortfall to the band of $640,000.

4. The shortfall was made up with bronze and even lead.

5. At the time its budget shortfall was $83,000.

6. At higher pressures, the shortfall is greater.

7. Non-government estimates show a larger shortfall.

8. The shortfall is covered by an internal cross subsidy.

9. in 2011 this shortfall was estimated at $33 million.

10. Mothercare has a pension shortfall of £80m.

11. The shortfall was made up by public subscriptions.

12. Co. to cover that year’s shortfall.

13. In February 2009, to reduce a budget shortfall, Gov.

14. Any shortfall would be met by taxpayers.

15. There is a considerable shortfall in sewage treatment;

16. a shortfall of around 400,000 units.

17. She inherited a difficult budget shortfall.

18. In 1990, there was a $1,800 shortfall.

19. a grain shortfall of 1.7 million tons was expected;

20. Due to the State's budgetary shortfall, Rep.

21. A good alternative could be expected shortfall.

22. Fiscal year 2003 saw a $593 million revenue shortfall.

23. This left a shortfall of £1.2 million.

24. It is facing a shortfall of £229 million in 2020.

25. The TTC projected a shortfall of $700 million in 2020.

26. In 1882, their budgetary shortfall widened;

27. Some farmers feared a labour shortfall and bankruptcy.

28. Some farmers feared a labour shortfall and bankruptcy.

29. The corporate makes up any shortfall in funds.

30. Texas has been fearing a shortfall for some time.