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No. sentence
1 While dynamic analysis offers many advantages, it has shortcomings as well.
2 How to smarten up: Pay attention to everything healthy you have accomplished rather than what you haven't, or any shortcomings you think you have.
3 He gave the example of CARDS on the wall as a tool which fulfills these criteria though it has other shortcomings.
4 Though the meekest of men, he was full of fire which flamed its fiercest in his patriotism, as though to burn to ashes the shortcomings and destitution of his country.
5 Many of the previous shortcomings to DI can be solved by using a container. A container is a compartment that houses some sort of abstraction within its walls.
6 of husbands and wifes s property still has some deficiencies and shortcomings although it has greatly been improved by the marriage law, which makes some new stipulations in this respect.
7 We can and must overcome our shortcomings.
8 They are needed in some cases due to shortcomings in the standard classes.
9 Moreover, in its current release, BPEL itself has significant shortcomings in this particular area.
10 It is time now for us to experience these sites with our own senses. Only then can we properly judge the list's merits and shortcomings.
11 In fact, we are all among it. Our shortcomings and encountered problems are the same except for the fields and their appearances.
12 If you want other people to respect you, acknowledge your errors rather than trying to blame someone else for your shortcomings.
13 The first citizens of this country erected institutions to protect themselves from their own shortcomings.
14 When designing new language features, it's hard to predict what developers will do with them, how they will change coding patterns, or in what ways developers will be frustrated by their shortcomings.
15 These shortcomings help explain how dramatically Mr Singh ran aground after launching himself on a third great transformation: peace with Pakistan.
16 Despite these shortcomings, it was the work of two men that helped the colony to survive: John Smith and John Rolfe.
17 No need to justify your shortcomings or wrong actions, simply own up to your mistakes and recognize that you need help in changing them.
18 There are still plenty of shortcomings in our work.
19 However, there are also shortcomings.
20 I would appreciate it if you could point out my shortcomings.
21 Remember that their shortcomings are your opportunities, so spend time on this part of the research.
22 You should be aware of the shortcomings so they don't catch you by surprise.
23 So, what are the shortcomings?
24 Don't worry about becoming a raging egomaniac or blind to your faults; the beauty of being able to celebrate and love yourself is that it allows you to deal with your shortcomings in a productive way.
25 You have the benefit of being able to learn from our shortcomings, which have proved so damaging in the present crisis, as well as from our strengths.
26 Their research shows that a less than perfect woman can make up for her shortcomings with more education.
27 If you observe your own behavior non-judgmentally, but with the constant desire to improve, you will get much farther than if you berate yourself, or excuse or justify your shortcomings.
28 Humbly ask Him to remove our shortcomings.
29 I have some experience with parents who turn a blind eye to their kids' shortcomings: I am related to a few of them.
30 Lastly, remember that if a few of his shortcomings are ignored, the Leo man is the most interesting person to live with and the best and most loving partner a woman can get.