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short tentacles in a sentence

1. It also has a pair of short tentacles near the eye that can be extended and which have tactile and olfactory functions.

2. The mouth is at the tip of the introvert and is surrounded in most groups by a ring of short tentacles.

3. They capture prey by movements of the bell and possibly by using two short tentacles.

4. The organs are usually mechanoreceptors or chemoreceptors, in some cases located on short tentacles.

5. He is fat and has short tentacles and two bulging eyes.

6. The disc is not broader than the parapet and has up to 160 short tentacles arranged in multiples of ten.

7. The narrow head has the snout tipped by a pair of short tentacles and the body is elongated and tetrahedral.

8. This trap also allows the animal to filter the water.There are two short tentacles;

9. The lower surface of the leaves is hairless but the on the raised mid-vein is a row of short tentacles.

10. His lower facial features, including mouth, are hidden behind six short tentacles.

11. The short tentacles are delicate, with small, narrow clubs.

12. The wide oral disc overhangs the column and is covered with a very large number of short tentacles arranged in whorls.

13. The squid has eight short tentacles and a slightly longer pair at the end of its rather swollen body.

14. The mantle has a fringe of short tentacles.

15. It is fringed with numerous short tentacles and there is a row of tiny simple eyes close to each of the valves.

16. The disk, flat and edged with about 200 short tentacles, may grow to 15 centimetres (5.9 in) across.

17. This is surrounded by a ring of short tentacles that are used for feeding and in gas exchange.

18. It has over 300 short tentacles.

19. Sea cucumbers are usually leathery, gherkin-shaped animals with a cluster of short tentacles at one end.

20. Sea cucumbers are usually leathery, gherkin-shaped animals with a cluster of short tentacles at one end.

21. Sandfish have around 20 short tentacles.

22. The head of the worm does not bear a proboscis but has the mouth at the tip rimmed by some very short tentacles.

23. The animal has short tentacles.

24. Each polyp bears relatively short tentacles that direct food into its central mouth.

25. There are up to 96 short tentacles, and the muscles of the tentacles and those of the oral disc are ectodermal.

26. When covered with water, the short tentacles spread out over the surface of the sand.

27. The peristomium (area surrounding the mouth) has a pair of short tentacles.

28. The tip of the introvert bears the oral disc with the mouth and six to twelve short tentacles.

29. When underwater, it extends 48 short tentacles arranged in 3 whorls.

30. A further six to ten short tentacles surrounding the nuchal organ, which has two lobes separated by a groove.