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No. sentence
1 So we must work together, again, to address this challenge and advance our shared objectives for peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.
2 While each story is unique, it functions for the most part as something that can be Shared and exchanged with others.
3 We really only have one, which is Shared by three products.
4 When you do so, make sure the number of common paging space devices matches the number of redundant shared memory partitions.
5 When they use this environment, since it is Shared, they run the risk of interfering with each other's work, but this should be manageable.
6 So, to create methods Shared by all classes, I set the function on the prototype, not just on the object.
7 In this case you befriend al because, say, of a Shared interest in beekeeping, and later learn that he is an evangelical Christian.
8 This is because all database access is performed using one of several common Shared connections from the connection pool.
9 Are there Shared config specs?
10 This is another reason why it makes sense to build your asset registries based on projects, because you would expect the script files for a given project to be located on a Shared resource.
11 you ever Shared the above experience with your children?
12 The shared space is divided into sections without the use of a single wall; it is a smart design approach.
13 Because this brings up not only the files opened by the application but also the Shared libraries and code, it is often worthwhile to filter those out.
14 IBM considers open source code and application frameworks installed by customers, either bundled as part of the application or as Shared libraries, to be part of application code.
15 Without books and manuals and Shared knowledge we would never have had the advances in medicine, education, music, the arts, philosophy, politics, you name it.
16 What they Shared was the same instinctive responses to the attack on the twin towers and all that followed.
17 Just as with LEGOs, the fact that everyone USES one compatible size means your designs can be Shared with anyone who USES the library, no matter where they use it.
18 I was always mesmerized listening to this“time machine”as she shared her wisdom and experience with me.
19 We may want to go reread some of her more lapidary work, now appreciating the vulnerable soul that Shared a body with that radical will.
20 You do this so the source type library can be Shared among team members.
21 Creation and usage of Shared context.
22 To limit usage, you grant permissions for users of specify virtual portals to the desired Shared resource or resources.
23 She refused to treat these new discoveries as though they belonged to her, and instead Shared all her knowledge with the whole scientific world.
24 You can then "switch to" other IDs without signing out, and thus can check email or Shared photos of other IDs.
25 When humans first emerged as a species they Shared the planet with many types of ape.
26 Note that each process can map the Shared memory region to different addresses in their respective address Spaces.
27 He does most of his actual work at home and in coffee shops and Shared work Spaces.
28 of penal reformers is not Shared by psephologists, who note the tiddly Numbers involved.
29 The most remarkable observation, shared by all the respondents, was that the single biggest barrier to professionalism was the inability of practitioners to say NO!
30 talks showed there was much we agreed on [we Shared a lot in common].