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share experiences in a sentence

1. It provides opportunities to share experiences among learners and also to interact.

2. It had a regional network of broadcasters to distribute information, share experiences and transfer skills.

3. The principle of the network was to share experiences and pool resources to develop such medium-sized cities.

4. The goals of the forum were to share experiences, questions and difficulties that ecomuseums face;

5. Two years later, the first international conference to share experiences relating to RRA was held in Thailand.

6. This is an important therapeutic nurse behaviour essential to convey support, understanding and share experiences.

7. that other people have recovered who can be role models and share experiences;

8. They share experiences of being white rappers with the competitors.

9. The club also maintains an open Facebook page for members and others to.share experiences and ideas.

10. Then both men were able to share experiences and ideas.

11. They smoke and share experiences.

12. It's time to share experiences and knowledge to build a more coordinated economy."

13. Students and teachers share experiences with ES Kagogo.

14. Members of SIGs share experiences, insights, and ideas, and provide input to SAP development teams.

15. I think it would be good to share experiences with the new president-elect."

16. 2. share experiences and ideas;

17. USCT Alumni meets once in a year to rejuvenate the association and share experiences.

18. Family Day is an annual event that occurs during the Fall semester where new students share experiences.

19. A Mobile Backstage platform lets fans interact and share experiences with each other and the artist.

20. The group use the social media platform Facebook to share experiences and keep in touch between matches.

21. As a group, people share experiences related to memorable songs and the monthly theme.

22. Members of the Procurement G6 are: Each Country share experiences about: The meetings:

23. Under Louisa's care, Will gradually becomes more communicative and open-minded as they share experiences together.

24. would occasionally work, meet, stay, and share experiences.

25. They give each other advice and share experiences as well as acquired wisdom from a Latina's point of view.

26. Nevertheless, small meetings to exchange information and share experiences were necessary.

27. The group came together in a collective voice, in English and Chinese, to share experiences through music.

28. The group came together in a collective voice, in English and Chinese, to share experiences through music.

29. So the 10 Exit became a place to remind them of painful memories and to share experiences of violence.

30. Rather, it is a creation of the mass populace of a people, coming together to share experiences.