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No. sentence
1 If, as the protesters demand, this patronage system were ended, Mr Assad's hand would be severely weakened.
2 Such cramming method of teaching is now severely reprobated.
3 Cruelty to animals is severely punished in England.
4 The offenders will be severely disciplined.
5 The secretary was severely reprimanded by his boss for leaking out the secret without his permission.
6 There are thousands of taxis with diesel engines in Madrid, and they have severely polluted the air.
7 Water, electricity and telecommunication services have been severely disrupted, complicating relief efforts.
8 ultimate purpose of financial stabilization, of course, was to restore the normal flow of credit, which had been severely disrupted.
9 He was severely punished for his carelessness.
10 Just because I was a little bit late, I was severely punished.
11 In response, firms will need to be even more transparent in their dealings with customers, who will punish them severely if they fail to keep their promises.
12 With policing severely curtailed, counterfeiting took off in 1995—Qian estimates a nearly 100-fold increase in the production of fakes within just two years.
13 So two weeks ago I stood in the severely depleted River Lathkill in Derbyshire assisting with a brown-trout rescue mission as horizontal rain belted us for seven hours.
14 One such behavior is that even when the weight array is severely degraded, it can reconstruct patterns.
15 The gang of scoundrels severely jeopardized public security.
16 ASGV is one of the most infecting viruses which severely jeopardized fruits.
17 Yet everyone will suffer to some extent, and if our species continues to reproduce, we can be sure that some future children will suffer severely.
18 Human activities make environment deteriorated, which has severely threatened childrens health and the sustainable development of society.
19 It makes the compilation thread operate at a lower priority than RT tasks and is tuned to avoid generating code with severely nondeterministic performance effects.
20 Millions upon millions of animals every year are being severely abused, caged, starved, abandoned, hunted, killed, and slaughtered all over the planet.
21 Millions of people might be tempted to erase a severely painful memory, for instance — but what if, in the process, they lost other, personally important memories that were somehow related?
22 This year, for instance, because of low river levels, rice cultivation was banned entirely in some areas, while the cotton quota was severely restricted.
23 Hydropower plays a significant role in the energy mix of the United States and several other countries, but environmental concerns about the damage caused by DAMS have severely limited its growth.
24 Motorists should be severely punished for dangerous driving.
25 Their activities were severely circumscribed.
26 But God is not your servant, and if you fall for the idea that life is supposed to be easy, either you will become severely disillusioned or you will live in denial of reality.
27 After the cat eats the confused and severely disappointed rat, the parasite continues its life cycle in the cat's intestines.
28 The organization helps severely burned children to obtain complex surgery, therapy and education.
29 excess fat is normally stored in the trunk or thighs, so they usually get burned most severely.
30 I am sorry to say that the Pussy-cat and the Quangle-Wangle crept softly and bit off the tail-feathers of all the sixty-five parrots, for which Violet reproved them both severely.