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1 Anarchists have taken part in several revolutions, most notably in the Spanish Civil War, whose end marked the end of the classical era of anarchism.
2 In a life that spanned several revolutions in French and German government, and a few continent-shaking wars, he did maintain his position of "minding not the times but the eternities".
3 Soon afterward, the outbreak of several revolutions around Europe and a crisis in Poland appeared to presage another major European war.
4 In 1848, several revolutions broke out in Europe as rulers were confronted with popular demands for liberal constitutions and more democratic government.
5 Cams used for function generation may have grooves that require several revolutions to cover the complete function, and in this case, the function generally needs to be invertible so that the groove does not self intersect, and the function output value must differ enough at corresponding rotations that there is sufficient material separating the adjacent groove segments.
6 sometimes fall several revolutions and in some cases even tumble to the ground before releasing their grip.