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several other events in a sentence

1. Recently, the race track hosted several other events including ARCA, USAR Pro Cup, and UARA Late Models.

2. The fair hosts a carnival, beer garden, and several other events.

3. In addition to the support for ACP events, RUSA offers several other events including RUSA-ONLY brevets.

4. UBM TechWeb has added several other events to the GDC in recent years.

5. He also competed in several other events that were "handicap" races and not recognized by the IOC.

6. This involves a parade, live music and several other events.

7. Several other events hurt the market and its merchants financially.

8. Several other events are organized in summer.

9. Public Dreams also participated in several other events in the Greater Vancouver area.

10. Aside from baseball games several other events have been held in the stadium over the years.

11. Also, several other events take place here, such as pep rallies and the University's Relay For Life.

12. Besides the regatta and the charity ball, Figawi, Inc hosts several other events:

13. Several other events took place in Indianapolis during the war years.

14. The Festival Association arranges several other events as well;

15. In addition to music, several other events took place during the festival.

16. The ballpark has been used for several other events in the past.

17. This however only comprises the downtown section, several other events and locations dot the town.

18. In addition to hosting cricket matches, it also includes several other events and ceremonies.

19. as well as several other events involving big names in British Sport.

20. There are several other events that happen during the Curwood Festival.

21. At the 2000 games, she competed in several other events in which she did not win medals.

22. He has competed at several other events outside the Paralympics.

23. Alongside the 3-on-3 tournament the NHL hosted several other events during the All-Star weekend.

24. Several other events of the same kind are also suspected to have occurred during the Holocene epoch.

25. Several other events resulted in sizable death tolls.

26. She also took national medals in several other events.

27. Several other events occurred in Japan, Peru, Turkey and Ghana which left some fatalities.

28. Besides this, several other events are also organized and sponsored by TiE Rajasthan.

29. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1917) Sex (1920) Several other events also took place at the venue.

30. They also qualified for the playoffs at several other events and finished second at the Swiss nationals.