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No. sentence
1 Not only that, it can give us nourishment at any time, though they are nibbled for several thousands of years, they are still fresh.
2 The boy has been ailing for several months.
3 variant of this pattern in activity form could use an activity with several disjoint input and output criteria-one for each branch of the gateways.
4 Otherwise, Chiquita sends bananas to several distribution centers, where they are stored in "ripening rooms" designed to reactivate the ripening process.
5 Falling trees blacked out several electric power lines.
6 In the paring down of genetic material and the production of several slave RACES of humans, the information for the unconscious was lost.
7 Several weeks passed and we still heard nothing from them.
8 But several months before we were due to move in together, I noticed changes in our relationship.
9 There will be several different security domains, each of which have different access controls and restrictions.
10 These studies were published in scientific and professional journals, and were adopted by practitioners in several organizations as applied tools for safety management.
11 After they were weaned, they were kept in the same light cycle for several weeks or switched to the opposite one.
12 Several books and papers show how to use mock objects in unit testing. These describe the capabilities that mock objects should have and how to use them.
13 This should greatly reduce the time and cost and let you automate what once required several months of manual effort.
14 However, it has several limitations.
15 Several of his followers have described their first encounter with the al Qaeda leader as an intense spiritual experience, explaining their feelings for him as love.
16 Massive eruptions can cool the global average surface temperature by several degrees for several years.
17 During that time, cold winters, ashfall from volcanic eruptions, and plagues adversely affected the population several times.
18 new firm linked up with several big ones.
19 Still, those forlorn mansions also show how a place that squandered its competitive advantage, as Penang did several times, can regain it.
20 This is because all database access is performed using one of several common Shared connections from the connection pool.
21 He has made several films.
22 Allow me to pose several questions.
23 However, it had to face political constraints in Iran and Iraq, whereas in the Caspian Basin could only succeed in finishing several projects in its own modest way.
24 Army is providing several resources to help its employees and customers through the transition including in-house training sessions, quick-tip handouts and free online training.
25 are urgently needed by roughly 3.6m Somalis, nearly half the resident population (several million having already emigrated during years of strife).
26 You must establish several different instances of poor behavior, preferably in different contexts, for a bug to rise to the level of an antipattern.
27 It turns out we have several readings with a high fluctuation from their neighbors.
28 opportunities for leadership, combined with the lessons learned through readings, coursework, and project work, directly contributed to the employment of several apprentices.
29 The craft's readings did show the moon's wake, but they also revealed several unexpected dips in particle detections just outside the moon's diameter.
30 You might be a part of an online forum, or social site, or newsgroup, or mailing list (or several!).