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No. sentence
1 I've successfully grafted in a call to the added code at each store into the Bean.m_a field (one in the constructor and one in the set method).
2 Consider the way from the grafted plants, we set two purposes two epidermis.
3 team at BLOSSOMS has set it up so that nearly anyone who thinks they have something valuable to share can do their part at educating the public.
4 You should set them apart from the rest of the message by paring them down to one sentence, with white space before and after.
5 set up USB or Bluetooth Tethering, open up MyWi and scroll down to the bottom of the app's main window.
6 Who set him on to do this piece of mischief?
7 If you want to set all the permissions at once, use numeric file modes.
8 face set when he heard such a word.
9 Ultimately, we all have to decide for ourselves what constitutes failure, but the world is quite eager to give you a set of criteria if you let it.
10 If you, like us, find that your application requires a great deal of manual coding, we suggest you create your own set of widget classes to simplify the code you write.
11 It no longer enjoys the heady atmosphere of liberty that swirled outside its opera house in 1830, intoxicating the demonstrators whose protests set the Belgians on the road to independence.
12 We only have one used device, with the other set as faulty.
13 I will set your report before the board.
14 For each mapping, set the conflict detection and resolution.
15 So this week when I noticed all those undiscovered pictures were set to be tagged, I shrugged and rolled over.
16 What has happened to the youth of this generation, which has set it so far apart from the rest?
17 You can set the order of the fields either by selecting the first field that you want displayed in the list, and then the next, and so on, or by setting the position as you drag and place the fields.
18 This event happens once for each row on the data set.
19 If the global scope requires the result of the event handler, set the result in the global result variable.
20 The salesgirl said she would replace the TV set if we were not satisfied.
21 As we explained in Monitoring a remote VM through the platform server, encapsulating the event data inside a JMX open type enables it to be understood by the broadest set of listeners.
22 So, to create methods Shared by all classes, I set the function on the prototype, not just on the object.
23 Governance should not be a set of static processes without any flexibility.
24 Seeking to present himself as heir to the New Kingdom pharaohs, Taharqa erected two temples, set into the base of the mountain, honoring the goddess consorts of Amun.
25 It is seen as an opening bid ahead of the Copenhagen summit, due to set a new roadmap for global action against climate change, but it drew mixed reactions.
26 of collecting money from these threats was so huge, they had set up a 1-800-DONT-SUE-ME-style call centre.
27 However, once they set their sites on the Web, they owned the browser market after only a year.
28 cost of such distributed generation systems, Mr Shah says, has fallen by half in the past decade, and they can be set up almost as fast as diesel generators.
29 they are imported, they can be set to read-only and not changeable since their definitions are part of the federal standard.
30 This stall, like most of the best in Penang, has been around for a while; Mrs Chicken Rice's mother opened set up shop at Kheng Pin over forty years ago.