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1 A series silane grafted polyethylenes were prepared by using the twin screw extruder.
2 We're publishing a new series on music next year.
3 This series will look at how we got the bathrooms we have, what's wrong with them, and what we have to do to fix them.
4 In this installment, part 4, of the series you learned how to handle multiple service names matches in a service registry with advanced search capability.
5 The answer, of course, is yes - whether caused by an earthquake or some other event or series of events.
6 We predict that the application of techniques like those in this series will lead to a blurring of boundaries between business analyst and architect roles.
7 As we mentioned earlier, this series of articles considers the analyst, architect, and developer roles, as defined by the RUP.
8 Film divides motion up into a series of static images.
9 The next article in this series will show how to deal with these limitations.
10 's most active volcano, Mount Merapi in central Java, killed more than 350 people in a series of violent eruptions last year.
11 On the last day of this series on cutting your food costs, I'd like you to choose two from each day and begin implementing them into your daily life.
12 While testers do not construct a series of executables, they can evaluate how each executable represents a progression from the previous one.
13 a series of science and technology on the desk.
14 Saddam did not have the army, but he did have a series of concentric circles of supporters loyal to him because of the patronage he extended them (special-forces units and tribes).
15 Since 2008 these quotas have been on a slow path towards abolition as part of a modest series of reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
16 The intent of this series was to give you an introduction to an industry that is very open from a deep technical perspective, but not so open in other areas.
17 Part 10 of this article series discussed how you can use defense in depth to protect your SOAs.
18 This term was explained in depth in the first article of this series; it simply means that you should begin by creating your VXML file normally, as a static document, before you do anything else.
19 We do not have time series on the number of elephants.
20 This time, the pyramid is a series of vertical color bands of varying widths.
21 We will take up these issues and offer some advice on how to structure your transactions in Part 3 of this series.
22 It also mentions a few of the other noteworthy enhancements that are not covered in the other articles in this series.
23 His wife smiled too; it was as pleasant to her as to him that he only mentioned the series, and did not try to find out the number of the winning ticket.
24 The dog vocalized his pain in a series of long howls.
25 Because the rooster stamp sold so well, the Postal Service commissioned Lee to design a Lunar New Year series of 12 stamps.
26 Over the past weeks a series of compromising videos posted online has forced the resignation of ten senior members of the far-right Nationalist Action Party (MHP).
27 Greeks have turned out in droves to a series of nationwide protests against the economy and austerity measures, outraged that they are being asked to make more sacrifices.
28 in many states, Massachusetts elementary and high school students must pass a series of standardized tests during their scholastic careers, ultimately as a prerequisite for high school graduation.
29 In this series of articles, you will learn how to avoid many mistakes.
30 Objects that are unmarked at the end of the mark phase are unreachable by the application (dead) because there's no path from the root set through any series of references to find them.