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No. sentence
1 We talked until midnight and then separated.
2 We separated at the airport.
3 They separated two months ago.
4 Have you ever found yourself separated from your mom or dad?
5 The young leopard separated from its mother would be eaten by other beast.
6 My father and uncle were separated from each other and my grandparents, and were stripped of all identification and property.
7 All manipulation of data should be performed on the separated DOM document.
8 Walking along in a lonesome glen, I had come across a bear cub separated from its mother.
9 In these syntax diagrams, you select one item from the list in braces ("{" and "}") separated by a pipe symbol ("|").
10 Listeners are asked to listen to two one-second clips separated by 350 milliseconds of white noise.
11 To break this apart without destroying the individual cells, Dr Durrant and Dr Jenson put the ovary tissues in a special blender that gently separated the cells with a soft blade.
12 I have kept in touch with him since we separated.
13 They swore never to be separated.
14 But the soul of a book can be separated from its body.
15 The slave would be separated forever from his family.
16 Note that the user identifier and password are driver attributes and so are preceded by a colon, separated by a semicolon, and terminated by a semicolon.
17 But these new neurons helped to form long-term memories and bonds, as the mouse fathers easily recognized their offspring by smell even after they had been separated for a long period of time.
18 The colour coding demonstrates how the data should be separated into records for propagation through the message flow.
19 This example shows that the selection of the endpoint address and the actual use of the address can be separated, offering a much more flexible and reusable approach to dynamic routing.
20 On the e-Reader, the user might see both sections on the same device page with no page marker displayed but the paragraph sections separated as if they were independent paragraphs.
21 The groups will be separated by separators in the drop-down menu.
22 Nothing hath separated us from God but our own will, or rather our own will is our separation from God.
23 The text file produced by the extraction process is composed of several audit records, each separated by a blank line.
24 song plays in the background as they eat dinner together at home, even though they had separated.
25 In real life, your development or test environment may point to the same database, but your production environment would certainly be separated from the development or test database.
26 After the turf battles that the young mice inevitably lost, the mice were separated by a partition that allowed them to see, smell, and hear one another - a stressful experience for the loser.
27 Michelle's parents had a long, stable marriage, but her maternal grandparents split without ever formally divorcing, and her paternal grandparents separated for 11 years.
28 For instance, the actual client application might be part of an existing large, monolithic legacy system that cannot be readily separated and archived.
29 As a large project, every feature in GIMP is nicely separated, so the code that deals with the same set of features is grouped together.
30 This means that object data will never be separated from its methods.