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No. sentence
1 These three classes should be in three separate projects-one file in each project.
2 Since the system was installed on a separate hard drive away from precious storage, the system can be reinstalled on the same hard drive without touching the devices associated with the share.
3 bite or scratch from a possibly rabid animal, the standard treatment is a course of vaccine injections into the patient's muscle on five separate days.
4 Some NIEM practitioners create more formal CMTs that have separate columns indicating the kind of extension, the base types and elements, and the level of semantic alignment.
5 His mouth felt like an instrument that was separate from the rest of him.
6 Moreover, Hamas senses separate supply lines are an attempt to build alternative patronage networks and an economy outside its control.
7 If you want to distinguish users who execute SQL, you can create a separate group, such as a group for users in accounting and one for users in engineering.
8 What really went wrong is that the compiler needed a separate flag to tell it that /usr/X11R6/lib needed to be in the list of directories to search at runtime for dynamically-linked libraries.
9 FDA also cites a separate National Cancer Institute program finding that, despite the dramatic increase in cell phone use, occurrences of brain cancer did not increase between 1987 and 2005.
10 Venice, a city of beauty and charm, was built as a collection of 118 separate islands, relying entirely on a canal system of about 150 canals, mostly very narrow, crossed by some 400 Bridges.
11 So a bridge splits the network into separate collision domains, but all the packets still get to go everywhere, so the bridged network is still a single broadcast domain.
12 The clients should always be located on machines separate from the application servers.
13 These pathways all talk to each other. You can think of them not as separate, but as part of a larger network of pathways that are communicating and working in concert.
14 For a dashboard application, the report should be opened in a separate window, so I would specify a target for the hyperlink.
15 They decided to get rid of the $9.99 bundled price plan and to separate the two offerings each priced individually at $7.99.
16 nowadays, I just use a separate list for these urgent tasks.
17 only way to do that, given the limits of British educational statistics, is to separate out the exam results of children who get free school meals: only the poor get free grub.
18 Even after they were freed, African Americans persevered through conditions that were separate and not equal, before winning full and equal rights.
19 December 1667, six months after he injected lamb's blood into his teenage patient, he made two separate transfusions of a calf's blood into Antoine Mauroy, a notorious madman in Paris.
20 Keep these things in a separate place.
21 Then she would go and live with her children, happily ever after thrashing rice to separate it from the husk.
22 For example, if you decide to display help information as a tool tip rather than in a separate window that would open by user request, the tool tip might not be accessible to screen reader users.
23 So there are two separate collections of apps, or programs, that run on the two platforms.
24 The reason for describing it as a separate scenario is because it is different from an application design point of view.
25 When the boys arrived, they were housed in separate cabins and, for the first week, did not know about the existence of the other group.
26 You should manage the foundation models in a separate encyclopedia.
27 Logic is taught here as a separate subject.
28 The other 51 replica shards are also moved to the second container so that you have balance, and, for each shard, its primary and replica are in separate containers.
29 's being whispered about that Jack and Mary are to separate.
30 of the big kilt evolved into the separate plaid (or sash) which is now worn at more formal events.