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1 sentiments towards the Irish and by the Irish seem to be positive, overall.
2 He hastily opened the letter produced, and was much disturbed to read in Tess's handwriting the sentiments expressed in her last hurried scrawl to him.
3 In common life, however, when we judge of any person's conduct, and of the sentiments which directed it, we constantly consider them under both these aspects.
4 As a token of visit to the online monument of your departed loved ones, visitors can also choose to leave behind some flowers along with their sentiments.
5 was greatly surprising to Tom that ladies of standing in society, often of rank and fashion, should condescend to utter sentiments couched in the language of the fish market.
6 Any talk of a sphere of privileged interests must not be misunderstood: the privilege of close ties is a mutual one, based on mutual respect, not on old imperial sentiments.
7 The Chinese people have always cherished friendly sentiments towards the German people.
8 Plant changing with the four seasons climbs up the epidermis of the building and increases poetic sentiments to the building.
9 A statement released Wednesday on Pyongyang's official website said the charges by Seoul were "ridiculous" and a fabricated plot aimed at stoking anti-North Korean sentiments.
10 Men should not take those literally but sympathize with the sentiments they convey.
11 There was an understanding in Salem society that this shameful business was best not spoken of, particularly in Massachusetts, where antislavery sentiments ran high.
12 Do these sentiments flow from Christian teachings or are they merely artifacts of America's popular culture?
13 Chinese voiced similar sentiments.
14 Some of those sentiments remain today.
15 She has noble sentiments.
16 But it still seems to commingle sentiments of American exceptionalism with the idea of the universality of American values.
17 Every violent action destroys those small alterations in the features which sometimes disclose the sentiments of the heart.
18 Similar sentiments can have similar effects far from the field of battle, including in the U.S. homeland.
19 Over the past 35 years, while studying human behavior, I have accumulated further evidence of the significance of the neck in communicating our sentiments that I will share with you.
20 In the short run, such a move will help defuse protectionist sentiments in the us.
21 His quotation about love and woman can definitely describe the beautiful emotions and awesome sentiments of women.
22 When section of sentiments have become, that man only can resemble a pot insipidly overnight the thin rice gruel, the ignorant woman only then can realize.
23 There was no indication that the payments affected those sentiments. Nor was it the case that students were uninterested in the programme.
24 Those sentiments to be borne out by protesters against Gaddafi's rule.
25 But whatever may be the sentiments which Mr. Wickham has created, a suspicion of their nature shall not prevent me from unfolding his real character.
26 Actually, these two opposing sentiments are often in a delicate and unstable balance.
27 right has held the presidency since 1995 partly by pandering to such sentiments.
28 say you now to such sentiments?
29 Those sentiments pretty much mirror the output of the Republican message machine in the last month.
30 The Harris Poll, which included a breakdown of the results by education level and political party, contained some revealing results about some peoples' sentiments toward the President.