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No. sentence
1 His purpose is to lull us into a false sense of security.
2 Being involved in this way has given each of us an increased sense of purpose and strengthened our ties to the place we live.
3 When people get married with a very strong sense of material benefit, things can get rather wrong and people do not necessarily have a will to make it go right again," she explained.
4 You feel more positive about them, you trust them more, and you have a better sense of their strengths and weaknesses, so you're better able to work and collaborate with them in the future.
5 This makes sense, as the bottom protocols provide very basic services such as transmission of signals over network cables.
6 Hareton's chest heaved in silence a minute: he laboured under a severe sense of mortification and wrath, which it was no easy task to suppress.
7 But one university psychologist has warned this is wreaking havoc with our self-image and undermining our sense of self-worth.
8 One of the problems that exacerbates procrastination is the feeling that you have lots of different things to do and no clear sense of which matter more, when they should be done, etc.
9 Indeed, Mr Huntsman usually mentions Mr Obama only to explain that when the President offered him the job of ambassador to China, he accepted out of a sense of duty.
10 I know one billionaire family who have managed to instil a sense of proportion, industry and obligation into the various younger members: there are no private jets, chauffeurs or suchlike.
11 This is another reason why it makes sense to build your asset registries based on projects, because you would expect the script files for a given project to be located on a Shared resource.
12 One problem: the arm and hand have no sense of touch.
13 It is transient in the sense that it exists only during the running of the process.
14 Wild animals in particular need to have excellent senses of smell, sight, hearing and even the ability to sense minute vibrations, because those senses help them survive.
15 Engineers would, in a sense, be making their own geysers, and this opens up far more of the globe for geothermal energy development.
16 It also shows the value of applying common sense to psychological analyses-but then of backing that common sense with some solid mathematical modelling.
17 Only those who have no sense of shame can do such shameful things.
18 Radio waves can be destroyed even though they are invisible in the relevant sense.
19 of inconvenience and discomfort can be a very effective teacher, however, and is in no way abusive if you use common sense.
20 A new study suggests that human preferences have dramatically altered the structure and position of the brain in certain dog breeds, potentially modifying their sense of smell and behavior as well.
21 If you have a lot of content or a lot of visitors, it makes sense to simplify your site and reduce your file sizes.
22 This makes sense if you have control over the original schemas and data model, and it might be the ideal approach.
23 The messages often contain grammatical errors, they don’t make sense or they are littered with acronyms like LOL .
24 Both parties were not disinterested, " he said."My sense is that a de facto decision was made by both partiesto adopt this mercantile paradigm."
25 I can't even make sense of it right now," he says with a grimace.
26 Though not seeing their faces, we can feel their strong sense of solidarity.
27 Filial piety, and the strength of the family generally, are perhaps the weakest point in Confucian ethics, the only point where the system departs seriously from common sense.
28 deeply ingrained sense of filial responsibility kept several countries from instituting pension systems until the late 1990s.
29 Such behaviour is regarded as "all too human", with the underlying assumption that other animals would not be capable of this finely developed sense of grievance.
30 The answers to these questions determine which (if any) of the approaches discussed in this article makes the most sense for you.