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No. sentence
1 Find strategies for getting through the urges — deep breathing, self massage, eating frozen grapes, walking around, exercising, calling a friend who will support you.
2 Self Tan” lotions contain the chemicals that cause skin to darken. The idea is that you rub these chemicals all over your body and, after a few hours, you look like you just stepped off the beach.
3 Great, now that your back make sure you celebrate your effort. Pat your self on the back; grab a pint of ice cream.
4 You can do this with self organizing teams, or by prescribing an architecture that is ordained by the CIO.
5 But for all the modesty of her spreading skirts, the demureness of hair netted smoothly into a chignon and the quietness of small white hands folded in her lap, her true self was poorly concealed.
6 How many self development books you have on your shelf is not the point, either.
7 Dragons dance in the mirth of the girth of self. Mirth is happiness, joy and humorous expression of the lesson of the day.
8 All of the self development material in the world is worthless, if we never act on it.
9 People who participate feel like they know me, because my heart, my authentic self, my gratitude, is all up in this thing.
10 But it is indeed because he loves them with the same passion and each time with his whole self that he must repeat his gift and his profound quest.
11 We should never hate our self, it is very destructive.
12 Instead of assuming that these “truths” are self evident, suspend judgement until you’ve have confirmed that there is reality behind the logiic.
13 The people around us may not be remorselessly gritty, but they can be that when it comes to protecting their loved ones, when it comes to some dream for their future self.
14 His works express the depressive and divisive self, the contorted humanity and the frustrated instinct in the modern mechanical civilization and industrialized society.
15 Self doubt has been something I've struggled with all my life, from debating whether I could get into a top tier university to believing I could succeed as a writer.
16 I asked her how she stopped the self destructive cycle.
17 You will not be able to build self respect if you are permanently striving to impress others with outer displays.
18 If you praise someone instead of criticizing him then their self concept will change and they will become motivated to stick to that new self concept.
19 Some self sealing argument move back and forth from interesting to false claims.
20 This torture, this powerful death of self?
21 The parties involved should exercise (self -) restraint and prevent the situation from getting worse.
22 The difference is that in their incarnation in a physical body, they are less connected to their wider divine Self than I was.
23 Into the Divine Self!
24 But in a state of emancipation, when the entity of Self itself disappears, how can there be selfishness?
25 You're supposed to shuck off your old self, lose track of the news back home and try on an utterly foreign way of life.
26 This is a negative trait which over time, develops into low self esteem.
27 can get dangerous when a wife focuses so much on her husband that she loses her personality, her sense of self, ” he says.
28 If he loses control and gives in to these desires, he will be betraying his true self.
29 Work with the best of intentions and gain your self respect from that.
30 Egg Tang Zhen delicious food that self prepares, a feast of fat things is all delicious than any as being that self composes with own hands.