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seizing in a sentence

1. later, Congress began seizing church assets.

2. A seizing holds several objects together.

3. He attacked, seizing Minas Ithil.

4. Lady Macbeth Seizing the Daggers, 1810–1812.

5. This was to prevent the enemy seizing his body.

6. This provided a pretext for seizing the city.

7. In 980 they struck again, seizing Isfijab.

8. Key to this was seizing the Sari Bair Range.

9. seizing civilian property;

10. Seizing his fallen comrade's machine gun, Sgt.

11. Salih was thus prevented from seizing the city.

12. and realists, seizing the present.

13. A throat seizing is a seized round turn.

14. They feed by seizing food with their forepaws.

15. His report of seizing the ".

16. Attu Island on 7 June, seizing both.

17. Seizing an opportunity, he surprises her.

18. The crowd mocked them for not seizing the arms.

19. Moments later, she begins seizing.

20. That night, Ieuan succeeds in seizing Heledd.

21. His actions included seizing Seisyll's land.

22. god" duo 奪 "seizing;

23. Attu Island on 7 June, seizing both.

24. The police official seizing an article.

25. Mehmed had many reasons for seizing Sinope.

26. In 980 they struck again, seizing Isfijab.

27. 'seize/seizing') as applied to dogs.

28. Seizing the Light: A Social &

29. effectively seizing state power in Wei.

30. But by seizing the moment they made history.