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1 Designed to mimic real fish as closely as possible, Charlie was built with 40 ribs, tendons, and a segmented backbone with vertebrae — just a few of the fish's 2, 843 parts and 6 motors.
2 Other status data such as transaction rates are segmented by application domain and are accumulated only if the statistics setting configuration is enabled, as shown in Figure 7 below.
3 Since V5, messages can be segmented or grouped.
4 It's suited to a structure with many more degrees of freedom than our own body, which is constructed around a segmented skeletal structure with few degrees of freedom.
5 In the movie industry, films are segmented into genres, such as action and adventure, drama, romance, horror, and comedy.
6 To classify different segmented regions as text regions or non-text regions, two features of the black to white pixel ratio (BWR) and the cross-count (CC) of pixels were used for the classifications.
7 The segmented linear temperature control system is the key part of oil flashpoint measuring instrument. It's the key link to guarantee the oil flashpoint testing condition.
8 Once segmented, with appropriate software it is possible to change the segmentation so that the translation memory document can be used in other situations with other software.
9 AIX USES a memory segmented architecture that limits the number of segments used for Shared memory and heap.
10 Of the disadvantages, a 32-bit program must be cognizant of the segmented architecture to take full advantage of the 32-bit address space.
11 AIX USES a segmented architecture that has both advantages and disadvantages.
12 approach to the problem uses a segmented POID address space (see References ).
13 Segmented: a segmented table space may contain more than one DB2 table.
14 By adding additional configuration changes in connect.cfg (DefaultContentCache), the cached site can be segmented into user, site, session, and so on (all or some).
15 you can see, the service and boot adapters are all in the same subnetted (segmented) IP network, where b1v1 defines the first boot adapter (b1) associated with the first VIOS (v1) and so on.
16 Use segmented or partitioned table Spaces.
17 Listed below are some of the performance advantages of segmented table Spaces over simple table Spaces.
18 When applying a full Ajax controller design to your application, you should let the Ajax controller handle all basic user input actions and segmented display updates.
19 Physical networks are virtually segmented to permit traffic isolation and the construction of virtual networks across geographically disparate entities.
20 I'm not suggesting we add videos to our books, but I do believe a device that doesn't offer multiple types of content can reach only a small, segmented market.
21 The Indian market opportunity can be segmented into tiers.
22 These events were segmented towards a certain targeted customer base, where the client can have interaction with the attendees in a more relaxed manner.
23 We have a segmented news media, so there is nobody in most newsrooms to stand apart from the prevailing assumptions.
24 Third, in terms of business patterns, vertical and segmented online service modes have extensively developed in the past couple of years.
25 Also segmented by latent or active.
26 Beyond that, do anything you can to offer insight on how that market is segmented and which segments are most attractive."
27 IT marketplace has become increasingly segmented over time.
28 Documents processed by source viewers can be segmented into several partitions of different content type.
29 The media segmented as each lifestyle niche got its own treatment.
30 The industry is segmented into a bewildering network of overlapping specialties and numerous XML formats have emerged to address the various segments.