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No. sentence
1 I have seen him before.
2 We rate her performance one of the best we've ever seen.
3 The witness deposed that she had seen the accused on the day of the murder.
4 The little girl has never seen him before and so she keeps the stranger out.
5 They bribed the witness to forget about what he had seen.
6 Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.
7 I have seen people show this to others because when I meet you I may not like your face but this is trivial how do I know who you are?
8 I'm not sure I've ever seen a talk swing between humor and brutality as rapidly and powerfully as Chris does in this talk.
9 Have you seen this before, this dynamic?
10 Examples of this apparent inconsistency are seen in Iceland, New Zealand, and the Maasai people of Tanzania, Africa.
11 largest active region seen on the sun since 2005 has rotated to the center of the sun's face, as seen from earth-which means any eruptions it produces will be aimed right at us.
12 It is seen as an opening bid ahead of the Copenhagen summit, due to set a new roadmap for global action against climate change, but it drew mixed reactions.
13 He could not have seen me yesterday, because I wasn't there.
14 He said these attacks were some of the most violent he's seen in Mumbai.
15 This is seen as undermining the protocol agreement which took many years to build, and has until now been the cornerstone for committing all countries to cut their emissions.
16 Many institutions that most of us regard as the foundation stones of capitalism were not introduced until the mid-19th century, because they had been seen as undermining capitalism.
17 In the years I've spent as a regular participant in the rec.music.opera newsgroup, I've seen numerous requests for opera librettos in English translation.
18 As we have seen, those changes tend to span disciplines that are not traditionally thought of as part of the mandate of Release Engineering.
19 Both men say Japanese society too often turns a cold shoulder to the unemployed and bankrupt, and breeds a culture where suicide is still seen as an honorable option.
20 mentions some hapless policemen from West Berlin arrested at the city’s town hall (in the Soviet sector); most were never seen again.
21 The snappers started nibbling at my ponytail, they had never seen humans.
22 Some traders say they also have seen a re-emergence of longer-term investors buying euro-denominated investments, with some speculating that China is among those doing some nibbling.
23 I have more than once seen Madame Curie nibbling two thin rounds of sausage.
24 Yes, Monsieur, one and twenty years ago; and since then we have not seen the poor marquis three times.
25 This dream I king Nebuchadnezzar have seen.
26 Tour operators offer trips to the islands from Bali, while the animals can be seen at a number of zoos, including London.
27 A footprint is seen on a dried-up reservoir in the drought-hit Luoping County of Qujing, Yunnan province March 23, 2010.
28 The Streets As Seen by Salvador Dali.
29 As we approached I'd seen several men talking on mobile phones on street corners watching us very closely.
30 Before heading back to town, he ordered us not to speak to anyone about what we had seen, and jotted down, one by one, the names of all who had been there.