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No. sentence
1 Have you noticed that most of the security practitioners you meet or work with have already switched to Apple?
2 Regardless of the risks and security implications, the technology will advance, however.
3 In some environments, the use of utilities like RSH have been banned because of the potential security exposure.
4 So any deal reached now would in practice be nothing more than a deal to slash Social Security and Medicare with no lasting improvement in the deficit.
5 Chris eng (Veracode) explained the different security testing methods like static, dynamic, manual testing and fuzzing and the strengths and limitations of each of them.
6 While I certainly do not deny the importance of ensuring server stability, you have to balance the need for adequate testing with the need for adequate security.
7 's your duty to superintend the security affairs.
8 Security forces were ordered out to control the situation in the city.
9 With technical details of the security system already circulating on the Internet, instructions for cracking it will almost certainly make their way into the computer underground.
10 His purpose is to lull us into a false sense of security.
11 Such offences as his profoundly endanger public security.
12 What if someone exploits some unknown limitations of the security mechanism to break through?
13 This is the outside perimeter, not the security perimeter.
14 After all, our privacy and security on these sites — in terms of how much we share with others and what we consume — is ultimately up to each of us.
15 In this section we see how to define security roles and configure method permissions.
16 If you mess it up, all the security built on top of it is suspect.
17 We all know how important security is to your environment.
18 It consists of one or more security servers and one or more agents.
19 Then you can concentrate on the security requirements of your program.
20 I think we forget this because security is the basis for us being able to experience all those other wonderful things.
21 In America, there was no compensating security; it was every man for himself.
22 What security issues should I consider?
23 Notice that although this program has no network interfaces, we still have to worry about security, because an attacker can provide some of its inputs.
24 This provides an additional layer of security.
25 So food security is not only about food, but it is all about security.
26 This dialog offers you the option of enabling your profile with security.
27 There will be several different security domains, each of which have different access controls and restrictions.
28 We must protect their identities as vigilantly as they protect our security, and we must provide them with the confidence that they can do their jobs.
29 But no; with all this "security," we are perhaps the most insecure nation in the history of civilized man.
30 If we reinforce the traffic security education and more people comply with traffic regulations, I believe one day traffic accidents can be avoided.