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sectarianism in a sentence

1. Hudibras is directed against religious sectarianism.

2. Celtic have taken measures to reduce sectarianism.

3. it is more like the sectarianism of English respectability.

4. Anti-sectarianism charity Nil by Mouth supported the call.

5. an end to sectarianism and racism in Ireland;

6. Khashoggi was critical of Iran’s Shi'a sectarianism.

7. The list made "sectarianism official".

8. and extreme sectarianism.

9. It attacks privatization and sectarianism.

10. This religious sectarianism is bound up with nationalism.

11. The rejection all forms of sectarianism and extremism.

12. I can't stand systems and sectarianism.

13. However, sectarianism seethes below the surface of society.

14. His killing was allegedly inspired by sectarianism.

15. Both clubs have taken measures to reduce sectarianism.

16. Known for its non-sectarianism.

17. Other Salafist preachers have echoed this sectarianism.

18. while there has also been deadly sectarianism in Pakistan.

19. It rejects sectarianism, violence and discrimination".

20. They never support any type sectarianism.

21. According to the Qur'an, sectarianism is a form of shirk."

22. Soon the colony had descended into angry sectarianism.

23. This is automatically against sectarianism.

24. Rural Society; Sectarianism; British Empire;

25. He campaigned against sectarianism and for social justice.

26. what is the cause of this radical sectarianism?

27. What do I mean by sectarianism?

28. Let me now speak about the question of sectarianism.

29. What are the remnants of inner - Party sectarianism?

30. He condemned religious sectarianism.