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seaplane in a sentence

1. The Curtiss seaplane was adopted.

2. A seaplane base is also available.

3. The city also operates a seaplane dock.

4. Port Alexander Seaplane Base.

5. A fire broke out on the seaplane.

6. Fort Pond Bay became a seaplane base.

7. Examples of seaplane tenders include:

8. Voss BV 138 seaplane.

9. In 1942 a seaplane base was developed.

10. and on the seaplane tender Curtiss.

11. Defunct seaplane bases in Alberta.

12. The seaplane fired back.

13. Seaplane (float plane) Operations Area.

14. Bauer Bay holds a seaplane base.

15. Seaplane hangar on Sand Island burning.

16. Subic Seaplane, Inc.

17. Also, a seaplane variant was intended.

18. The Seaplane Swing was a favorite.

19. Shavrov Sh-2 seaplane.

20. Tugboats. Seaplane Tenders &

21. The Seawings seaplane services &

22. a seaplane was built, but never flown.

23. It has a harbor and a seaplane base.

24. Long Lake Seaplane Base may refer to:

25. It was the first seaplane in Australia.

26. This is a list of seaplane operators.

27. It is accessible by boat or seaplane.

28. Then they got into the seaplane.

29. engine of the seaplane began to turn.

30. The seaplane went up again into the sky.