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No. sentence
1 The scientist defected to another country.
2 As a rocket scientist, I do analysis of mission-design impacts of future technology advancements.
3 I knew I would never be a rocket scientist, but I love driving cars, being of service and feeling like I have done a full day's work and done it well.
4 Despite coming from a poor black family, he earned degrees in mathematics and computing, and worked briefly for the navy as a rocket scientist.
5 This scientist has put forth a new theory in his research field.
6 If an elderly but distinguished scientist says that something is possible he is almost certainly right, but if he says that it is impossible he is very probably wrong.
7 WHEN a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right.
8 The company is double-teaming the more complicated jobs with both a group manager and a scientist.
9 He fawns on being a scientist.
10 Such is the problem nearly every scientist faces when trying to communicate her or his research to the general public.
11 In the very hedged language of the scientist, it means that conditions have been found that are consistent with the presence of that life.
12 Several months later, when she was unexpectedly introduced to such a scientist at a conference, she launched into her pitch, and a collaboration was born.
13 So if you are a working scientist with a penchant for writing, there is nothing like taking a crash course in journalism and then start writing - and enjoy the best of both worlds!
14 In the eyes of the scientist all things are equal.
15 Both sides of the anterior temporal lobe are important for memory processing - the left ATL deals with context, while the right ATL is associated with visual memory, New Scientist says.
16 Replace a biscuit's sugar with artificial sweetener and a scientist must add ingredients to provide bulk and turn the biscuit's surface brown.
17 But Bridget C. Booske, a senior scientist at the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, said Morgan County, where West Liberty is, seemed to be better off than its neighbors.
18 But there's a scientist in Brooklyn, N.Y., who says he has a solution to all of these problems.
19 When the mad scientist asks me, Which one of these two should I torture?
20 As a philosopher and scientist, da Vinci strove to understand what he observed in his close studies of nature.
21 Scientist Sereno theorizes that crocodiles as a species survived the dinosaur era because of their agility on land and in the water.
22 They would be doctor, musician, fireman, scientist, lawyer, professor, maybe even president, or with a real stretch, superhero.
23 Mike: You should interview that scientist at the Stamford Museum.
24 But they have to put aside their scientist hats.
25 Call it poetic justice, or just sheer bad luck, either way Hobson approached the experience like a scientist and decided to document it, just as he had with the cats, but this time from the inside.
26 So like any diligent scientist, he set about trying to derive one.
27 Of course, the evil scientist would have to be outside? Or would he?
28 For example, some of us want to be the superman to beat the evil persons for justice or be a famous scientist to do many interesting experiments and invent significant things like Newton and Edison.
29 This is a huge milestone in this type of laser research," said Stephen Durbin, a scientist at Purdue University, in an accompanying article in the journal Nature Physics about the diamond mirror.
30 yes, the mad scientist kidnapped me and he transferred us, he swapped us.