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1 Yet if the bread chapter stands out for its clarity and utility, it also points out the inherent oddness of this branch of science.
2 This course reexamines every aspect of home life, from cooking to cabinet repair, through the prism of science.
3 Of course, this dilemma arises in many human endeavors, from building design, to rocket science, to patent law.
4 Dynamic programming is maybe the most important use of computer science in biology, but certainly not the only one.
5 Nobody that we have dealt with has ever taken as much time to understand the subtlety of the science and all the different complications and what it all means as Al Gore.
6 These emerging signals are consistent with what we expect from our projections, giving us confidence in the science and models that underpin them.
7 Based on her interviews, Finucane believes that - in the Pacific region at least - the science related to drought and other environmental risks should be complemented with a narrative.
8 The goal of the Pacific health Summit is to connect science and policy for a healthier world.
9 Anyway, the problem is not where their funding comes from - it's their science.
10 of Penang, for instance, has wide roads, a steady stream of university science graduates, an efficient power supply and a modern airport from which goods are flown around the world.
11 We must achieve modernization of science and technology, otherwise we will lag behind other nations.
12 Science and Technology Association served the function of a go-between.
13 We should exert ourselves in the struggle for the modernization of science and technology.
14 Science has contributed much to modern technology.
15 Science and technology are part of the productive forces.
16 a series of science and technology on the desk.
17 sounds like a scenario straight out of cheap science fiction. But even if the odds of calamity are small, why gamble?
18 That happens more than you think, because this is not just engineering and science.
19 In science and engineering, some of the greatest discoveries seem so simple that you say to yourself, I could have thought of that.
20 Science courses are especially important but math, writing, and other disciplines are also used by Earth scientists during every working day.
21 Citizen science can help stimulate public support for science, and can introduce fresh ideas from novel disciplines.
22 While the motives of those gathering in Denmark are honorable, their move is deeply unfortunate at a time when the climate change debate could benefit from more regular science and less politics.
23 To help soothe the public's fears, Japan's science and technology ministry Wednesday began posting radiation test results in each of Japan's 47 prefectures.
24 Why, he asked, did the science of Galileo emerge "in Pisa but not in Patna or Peking"?
25 He also emphasized the need to be guided by science when determining the effectiveness of prevention interventions.
26 It is structured and ordered into a few basic regime types. In this I take it to be one of the most important propositions and? Insights of political science. Right? So far?
27 It is the source of all art and science.
28 This observation moves the question “who am I?” from the realm of philosophy into the realm of science.
29 I like western philosophy and science too.
30 If Science or Philosophy may gain anything from it they are welcome, but that is not the reason of its being.