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1 Being gentle and cultivated is just a scholar's attitude.
2 At the same time scholars in disciplines as far flung as poetry and psychoanalysis would be obliged to reconsider their use of Heidegger's ideas.
3 Gu Wang Yan is a long novel written by Qujing Cao living in the beginning of Qing Dynasty, no sooner published in 1997 than interest many scholars and re-arouse their research enthusiasm.
4 Why did scholars not call it "editing criticism"?
5 quite a few Qing schol-ars attributed the fall of the Ming dynasty to Emperor Chongzhen's execution of his ablest general, Yuan Chonghuan.
6 Photographers and documentary filmmakers traveling with the group of scholars recorded the scene, as the scholars, clutching notepads, scampered up a hill in search of caves.
7 So you will even find good faithful Roman Catholic scholars who will also either accept or reject the Pauline authorship of this.
8 It was so inviting that the monks, who were supposed to be vegetarians, jumped over the temple wall and partook heartily of the scholar's picnic.
9 What scholars sometimes miss, though, is that we are not innocent by standers.
10 The focus of strategy scholars is still on ‘what ought to be’ rather than ‘what is’.
11 Based on the sheer number of research requests, there are going to be plenty of scholars lined up to have a closer examination of this important cultural and technological archive.
12 A multifaceted information approach, where each facet of a piece of information leads to an increasingly more detailed understanding, best serves these scholars.
13 As scholars have pointed out, the idea of a child being born to a poor family in one of Bethlehem's many caves because there was no room elsewhere is quite plausible.
14 However, serious scholars prefer to baptize these appearances with the technique name UFO (unidentified flying object).
15 Nanjing scholars such as Wang Xizhi and Gu Kaizhi were laying the foundations for the unique style of Chinese paintings and calligraphy.
16 To attract and properly educate leading scholars, Tsinghua and its regulators need to tear down these collaborative barriers and offer an open intellectual environment where innovation can blossom.
17 order to promote the forum to a higher stage, th e organizer invited 24 famous domestic & abroad experts and scholars. Their speeches bring to the forum ideas, experience and methods.
18 Most of scholars agree that the first dynasty of China was the Xia about 2100 to 1600 B.C..
19 Scholars have noted the correspondence of parts of the Christian narrative to the hero-myths, and perhaps this affinity accounts for what little Christian imagery does show up in Star Wars.
20 Serious technology scholars long ago discarded the idea that tech was just a series of increasingly awesomer things that successively displace each other.
21 fortunately, there is a community at Yale of the best scholars and teachers on the planet.
22 Sub-Saharan Africa could grow by an average of over 6% to 2015, . Zoellick said in a speech last month at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars.
23 This was first posed by German scholars.
24 He also criticized the concepts, methods, and goals of the bookish scholars.
25 Like the original, it was translated by a committee of British scholars, representing all the major Christian traditions in the United Kingdom.
26 However, some scholars go far too far insuggesting that there never was a debate in the assembly.
27 Today we have invited some veteran diplomats, renowned scholars, diplomatic envoys and friends from the media.
28 Three legal scholars have written law review articles that wrestle with the problems of applying the Fourth Amendment to cyberspace and to our computer-mediated world in general.
29 He was honoured by scholars and rewarded by Kings.
30 Plato himself poked subtle fun at the strangeness of what he was proposing, and some scholars are not sure just how seriously Plato took the proposals of the Republic himself.