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1 Nevertheless, while there is a lot of scepticism in, around and about climate science, none of it is aimed at the first law of thermodynamics, which says that energy cannot be created or destroyed.
2 Their shares now trade at discounts of over 45% to the net asset values booked in the first quarter, suggesting deep scepticism that these investments are still worth what was paid for them.
3 For instance, automatic grape presses met with scepticism, at least before vintners grasped that they are superior to human feet in just about every way.
4 However, other film executives have expressed scepticism over the viability of "movie futures", arguing that there are more effective, existing ways to limit risks in the film business.
5 There are plenty of reasons for scepticism about these deals.
6 The Internet has proved a powerful amplifier of public scepticism in China, especially since Twitter-like services began to take off a couple of years ago.
7 Since Proctor was renowned for his scepticism, his words carried weight with the McKinley administration and Congress.
8 Though I was seeing the Taj for the second time, and with all the baggage of scepticism accumulated during another 15 years in journalism, I found myself with a tear in my eye.
9 But again some scepticism is warranted. Rising divorce rates and a growth in casual dating were apparent well before the first online matchmaking sites came into being.
10 Kaczynskis’ scepticism about rapprochement with Germany and Russia chimed with some Poles’ deep historical fears.
11 debacle of the 2009 elections sharpened their scepticism.
12 Eight months later, Hurricane Katrina swept away parts of Louisiana along with much of the US's scepticism for climate change.
13 Scepticism about competition has deep roots, ranging from a lingering influence of Marxism to a fear of American capitalism trampling the French way of life.
14 Yet this fact sets a puzzle. If science is careful scepticism writ large, shouldn't a scientific cast of mind require one to be sceptical of science itself?
15 So notice what he's doing, he's using his scepticism remember he started out saying I'm not going to accept anything except what is completely certain.
16 That should probably have sparked scepticism in the past.
17 Around the world, public opinion seems to be shifting from fear of a pandemic to scepticism as to whether the virus poses a significant threat.
18 It now appears evident that at least some scepticism is warranted.
19 Some experts have expressed scepticism.
20 Although polls showed initial scepticism towards his plan and his visit, on his second trip his talks with community groups suggested broad agreement on the new strategy.
21 Their panic is caused not just by fear that some countries cannot repay their debts, but also by scepticism about politicians’ ability to do very much to help.
22 Normal people do not think about politics most of the time, he adds, but show a healthy scepticism about party manifestos, knowing that they cannot set out how a party will react to unforeseen events.
23 But there is still scepticism within the industry about the scientific potential of natural products.
24 We want to distinguish between two different types of scepticism.
25 We didn't have enough scepticism and should have known from simple human instinct that things were not shaping up the way they should.
26 He was vexed now at my lack of zeal, for I had stayed somewhere between the books, held there perhaps by my father's scepticism.
27 In particular, they should foster the twin virtues of scepticism and cynicism.
28 Yes, such claims should be treated with scepticism: in the mid-1980s, Italy boasted loudly and prematurely of overtaking Britain.
29 But there are good reasons for scepticism.
30 There's usually a lot of scepticism that another approach can really make a difference," he says.