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No. sentence
1 He saw you and I.
2 He saw the guest out and took up his work again.
3 I saw tears rolling down her face.
4 she glanced down and saw a twisted length of white rope protruding from his pocket, about to fall out.
5 ideal nation would leave no room for what they saw as the twisted ethical code of Christianity, which they argued prized suffering and destructive self-repression.
6 I saw a beggar Wolf down a piece of bread in the street yesterday.
7 The boy contended that he saw a ghost.
8 When he saw my face, he grinned and knew he was safe," she said.
9 Halfway up the hill, he saw an elephant coming down, with a small bundle of leaves on its back and a mahout poking its ear with an iron rod.
10 Her eyes blazed when she saw him cheating.
11 big eyes suddenly lighted up when she saw them.
12 Just yesterday, I saw some lovely red blossoms along the roadside.
13 When we came in we saw her doubling up on the sofa.
14 It suddenly came back to me where I saw him last.
15 She saw the man from the rear-vision mirror who followed her was standing behind a phone booth.
16 I seemed to have something in my eye when I saw that, and I expect he had the same something in his eye when he drew it.
17 Once I saw an elephant go by.
18 Presently they came in sight of land; she saw lofty blue mountains, on which the white snow rested as if a flock of swans were lying upon them.
19 anger when he saw his son.
20 Although the level of protection that we saw was clearly modest, the study is a major scientific advance," Dr Kim said.
21 I saw them running together along the road yesterday.
22 In the same study, when the elephants saw red clothing not worn before, they reacted angrily, as red is typically worn by Maasai men.
23 Atheist though he was, he saw the Narmada as a goddess whose beauty should be decorated only with micro-dams on a human scale.
24 I saw in the paper the other day that Al Gore was saying that maybe he shouldn't have been for ethanol.
25 Now we face our biggest challenge yet. The drought in our area has led to the worst starvation I have ever seen—worse even than what we saw in 1992.
26 I saw his head immerge into water.
27 I saw his head poking through the window.
28 His body quavered a little when he saw the teacher coming towards him.
29 I saw his white car rolling along the highway.
30 His relatives initially cut ties with him, but their stance softened when they saw the impact of his work on the lives of his patients.