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salt water lakes in a sentence

1. the Anderson's salamander meanwhile occurs in brackish or salt water lakes.

2. Salt water lakes within the Thar Desert include the Sambhar, Kuchaman, Didwana, Pachpadra and Phalodi in Rajasthan and Kharaghoda in Gujarat.

3. There are a number of salt water lakes in the Thar Desert.

4. The black swan's preferred habitat extends across fresh, brackish and salt water lakes, swamps and rivers with underwater and emergent vegetation for food and nesting materials.

5. The Atanasovo Lake is one of two salt-water lakes in the Black Sea region and contains rare and representative examples of wetland habitats.

6. The natural environment, fresh and salt water lakes, mountains, valleys, caves, ancient rock paintings and fortresses are other sightseeing attractions.

7. however, it is conjectured to be surviving on the island of Hispaniola only in the salt water lakes of Enriquillo and Lake Azuéi. In 1984, there were estimated to be more than 400 individuals in and around Azuéi. It is also reported that this population is nearing extinction due to excessive hunting and poaching.

8. Several isolated salt-water lakes occur in the centre of the region and to the southwest a system of small lakes follow paleo-drainage features.

9. It is now part of a larger system of freshwater and salt water lakes fed by Sturt Creek.

10. Saskatchewan's waterways also contain bogs, as well as the salt water lakes.

11. Water does not drain from the area, and some salt-water lakes have formed.

12. The area is full of marshes and salt water lakes.

13. Among his schemes was a proposal for reclaiming the salt-water lakes in the neighbourhood of Calcutta.

14. The area is full of marshes and salt water lakes.

15. The area is full of marshes and salt water lakes.

16. The area is full of marshes and salt water lakes.

17. In the western and southern zones, streams flow seasonally into salt water lakes without outlets.