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salamander eggs in a sentence

1. This also happens in salamander eggs, even when they are unfertilised.

2. They cannot breed in most permanent pools because the fish inhabiting the pools would eat the salamander eggs and larvae.

3. In some species, such as Plethodon cinereus, the red-backed salamander, eggs are laid underneath a stone or log.

4. Wimsey states that as soon as he heard that the man was a mirror image he knew there must be an identical twin who was the other, 'right' half, briefly mentioning experiments with salamander eggs to back up this claim.

5. The Latin specific name means "loves salamander eggs".

6. Woo Cheol-won, Jo Ho-yeon, Kim Young-gyu, Park Chan-in and Kim Jong-sik, aged between 9 and 13 years old, disappeared after searching for salamander eggs in the western outskirts of Daegu on a public holiday.

7. March 26, 1991, was a public holiday in South Korea for local elections, and the boys decided to spend the day searching for salamander eggs in the streams of Mount Waryong (35°52′01″N 128°30′47″E