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safe journey in a sentence

1. In the myths, he is seen helping heroes who pray to him for safe journey.

2. In Europe, basil is placed in the hands of the dead to ensure a safe journey.

3. Have a safe journey".

4. Have a safe journey."

5. The locals and Vandendur wish Candide a safe journey to Venice ("Bon Voyage").

6. Before leaving, Sheena records a farewell message on his tape recorder, wishing him a safe journey.

7. Have a safe journey home!"

8. We wish you a pleasant evening and a safe journey home.

9. Nearchus is congratulated for a safe journey and rewarded for his efforts.

10. Being able to steer the balloon to some extent was essential for a safe journey.

11. After a safe journey, the participants vowed to repeat the ride every year.

12. Realizing she can't be selfish and ask him to stay, she wishes him a safe journey and, heartbroken, walks away.

13. Satisfied he allowed the Pope a safe journey to Rome.

14. We shall need a strong and able crew to effect a safe journey, and every student must become part of that crew.

15. The sources indicate that sacrifices for fertility, a safe journey, a long life, wealth etc.

16. Latcho Drom ("safe journey") is a 1993 French film directed and written by Tony Gatlif.

17. This road has been recently rerouted for betterment and safe journey.

18. This area of the Mediterranean Sea is prone to strong winds, making a safe journey around the island difficult.

19. Hundreds of devotees turn up every day to pray for a safe journey.

20. Good Transportation for safe journey for the people using bus facility.

21. Sanfo requested the Marabout to pray for the prosperity of his trade and a safe journey back home to Sagbotenga.

22. The Tiwah is the most important festival of the Ngaju people, where the soul of the dead is ensured safe journey to paradise.

23. Long ago travellers supposedly prayed at the stone for a safe journey.

24. "Good Path", i.e. "Safe Journey!"

25. McVean introduced Bird his wide circle of acquaintances in Japan so that she could make safe journey.

26. Many travellers would visit Ganuenta on their journey, to pray to Nehalennia for a safe journey over sea.

27. Have a safe journey, I won't see you out. And I won't see you again," one Shenzhen resident wrote.

28. It was that the management was expecting a safe journey when it ordered so few lifeboats.

29. she sent us off with a Shoshone blessing for safe travel on the river and a safe journey through life.

30. Hope you have a safe journey home. Bon voyage.